No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art


Mass Flash Drive Corruption

[ceising uploads ]



I mean, yeah I see the sketchy Gek over there, but this one in the foreground looks badass!


She seems happy!


Well, yeah. She is all dressed up for Mardi Gras. Everyone is happy then. Laissez le bon temps rouler! :sparkler::confetti_ball:




That was happening on my home planet…
I landed and saw those 3 sentinels inspecting that rock… :sweat_smile::ok_hand:


I found her date


Gorgeous shots! :heart:


Great perspective and muted colours. Very nice! :heart:


Funny… I only ever see that with my camera if I’m on the rock. lol Cool shots.


Thank you Travel! Well, I inspected everything about that particular rock… but nothing. So I really wonder what was going on there :grin:
Glad you liked the pictures!!


My new base. After the last incident I decided to live 15 hours from the nearest portal on a planet that is almost all water. Anyone up for a loooooong trip? :wink:


Nothing beats the beauty of Full Flora!




Ring around the bowl? :sunglasses:


Lol :smile:
I was going to go with Impact… but I always feel a little pretentious naming these shots (not that stops me from doing it for my own amusement)


I remember having the same thing happening once. I could lure them away, but they just kept going back to their triangular position. Distractions fine, but then back to their one and only stuck position they knew. In your case they were at least scanning a rock, in my case there was nothing … lol
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