No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art


I swear you and I visit the same planets! ;`)


Is that…Oklahoma? Because were not in Kansas anymore, Toto…


Got around to visiting @sheralmyst’s base! I’m really not a fan of the terrain on this planet, and I had to take out a loan to buy a base of my own just so I could visit sooner than a 3 hour journey from the Portal! lol.

This little guy was also afraid of the terrain, so much so he hid under the table! XD

Also hit up @kliktrak’s base, which was just a few lightyears away!

And found this beautiful frozen planet in the same system!

Hitting up some other major farms soon enough!


Sorry the trip was so rough on you but, I have always liked living way out on the edge of nowhere. The little guy under the table is named Sputnik. I actually left that base and planet. Moved to another system…it’s a long story. :sweat_smile: Thanks for stopping by!


Awesome! Yeah, I had been holding onto that portal address for a while! lol. Took some time to get all my glyphs. You’ll have to share (or a link) of the new place! :slight_smile:


Nice. Thank you for visiting. although i also have relocated . I had dismantled my base before the move so very interesting to still see it visible.



Death on Horizons


Give hugs?

  • Yes!
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This is a new mod that i ve just done which adds meterological effects to planets ( wind, fog, low clouds)


Biggest flat terrain i’ve ever seen. this planet reminds me of Vanilla so much!


Huh… that is interesting. Any chance you’ll share the address for the new place? :slight_smile:



Sure ill PM you. I havent set a beacon to get coords or try find a portal yet. Will do then send the deets.



Forget ‘Red-Eye’… get some Nip-Nip induced ‘Cosmic-eye’!


Don’t forget to keep your Unitary Atlas Account details private - Interlopers are lurking everywhere!


3 pics, 3 celestials, 3 positions, 3 lightings… which 1 will survive?




TEAM ATLAS - To the rescue (F#@£ Yeah!)