No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art


(Space Adventures Mod )


Space Adventures mod ( radioactive planet )


Only 25days late! please accept my apology…

I don’t know if the ‘swirlies’ are a result of storm-like conditions on an exotic world OR as i’ve noticed, some scan-view-descriptions state ‘winds of glass’… but no, no mods PS4 OG-Boii-4-life (or at least until it claps-out)!


A fresh new mod that add an E3 2015 Trailer’s building, i just put it online : It has collisions , interactions, and animations ( it’s from Space Adventures mod )


Aaand I’m back from my holidays.

Two very important things that once again got confirmed during my travel (of which most of things I didn’t see coming or didn’t plan to do):

  • Whatever happens, it is meant to be and right the way it is.
  • Without its journey to it, the destination means nothing.

Having said that, it’s time to continue my journey report (of NMS).

After landing on that hot lookalike lava-planet I tried to look out for Monoliths to learn the Vy’keen language.

These impressive things I found, first a large cave with a small door to the outside:

Then a crevasse over a rather large cave, which I dubbed “Chapel”:

Although levitating stones aren’t such a rarity, it is rare that I find floating iridium deposits like that. Truly an impressive sight:

And the planet gives some great color variations, especially during desert storms:

Unfortunately that’s all of the planet I’ve found, since there weren’t too many Monoliths around and the ones that were are quite spread apart. Thus I didn’t stay for too long.

Now, the following planet doesn’t have any interesting features, except for one - it is a dead world - however with large portions of water! Seemed kinda strange:

I just took these pictures, scanned for the three element flora as well as the two cave flora and headed off again.

Now, this is a rather short travel report. I have quite a lot of catch-up to do regarding Waking Titan and all the other news I’ve missed during last two weeks.

My next post will follow shortly, around this weekend. Then you’ll see the thing that I was so much mindblown about.


A dead world.
Lots of water…

Don’t DRINK it!



@TravelEcho Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.



I’m back bois


Your art and screens have been sorely missed, welcome back :slight_smile:



Now, here it comes. The absolutely most incredible thing I ever came across in NMS.

Here, on this barren ice world:

These blue glowing marrow bulbs added much to the freezing atmosphere:

Here’s a quite rare sight, an aluminium crystal:

And here it is. I never, ever saw such a thing before.

I doubt anyone of you have, either.

You remember this strange shape of a nickel deposit on a radiated planet I posted?

I found something … similar to it. But not one. Two of them. Two of the very almost impossible to find strange shaped deposits.

Right. Next. To. Each. Other.


I call them “Gemini”. For they are pretty much identical. Identical and right next to each other.

I stood in awe in front of them. Whatever procedural generation could ever generate … what is the possibility of something like that occurring, in such an infinite universe?

And even more incredible, what are the odds of someone ever finding something like this?

Or are they not that rare at all, and I just stumbled upon one of many of those twin deposits?

Even if such occurrances aren’t that rare … the combination of the same shape at the same place of the same deposits …

Guys, seriously. What are the odds? What do you think?

How in the universe can that be a thing?

Also, this time I didn’t build up a Roamer geobay. I instead went on exploring by foot. No idea why, I just felt like it.

Was I just that lucky? Or was this more than simple luck? Simple coincidence?

Crazy enough, I found this just one day after my birthday, the 20th of June. My Zodiac is Gemini. My real name is Thomas. Greek name for “Twin”. Gemini. Coincidence?

You see, I don’t believe in coincidences. Never really did. I believe in cause and effect, and just because the cause is not always visible to us, the effect exists the same way.

That’s why I want to ask you guys - what do you think? Incredibly rare coincidence, is it something I was meant to find or is it rather something not rare at all?

  • This is one hell of a coincidence!
  • You were meant to find this.
  • Meh, I came across such a thing before, they aren’t rare at all.

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I mean … whatever happens, it is meant to happen. But can this law applicable in procedural generated worlds as well?

What do you think?


A very Lush Planet, mixed with Pink and Green grass.



Tropical Vibes ~



LOL. A balanced planet, I see. Cute photo!


No Filters - the planets natural lighting and colour palette - Shaft of Aluminium


LOL. I was reviewing older photos today and realized that these folks remind me of a Chinese entrée … “Happy Family”.

:smiley: they are Mad Hatters!

The No Man’s Sky Wiki at Gamepedia has a Monolith page that lists 17 so far (with links to image examples of each)