No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art


I used up my likes on your other posts lol, I like the poem.


cool :wink: unashamedly lyrics taken from the song Under The Sea featured in The Little Mermaid animated Disney movie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i’ve been working on it for a few months now lol


Impressive. Most impressive. But you are not a trillionaire yet…however, I suspect you will be…you will be…:wink:


I used to be a traveler like you, then I took a Snappie to the knee…


A few random photos from some of my recent journeys. :slight_smile:
There are so many moments where I stop and think, “God damn this game is something else!”


A mostly underwater Abandoned Building

Trees growing on a rock formation

I have never seen a Monolith quite like this one. I have seen the one with a rounded top and the one with a notch in the top but, not this one.


(Space Adventures mod)


Apparently these guys like to mine Cymatygen when nobodies looking :slight_smile:


My new screen saver. lol.


I don’t usually get to post screenshots, since I can’t upload to imgur, but @BoomstickJoe kindly uploaded this image for me so I could submit it to Hello Games:

It’s my Creative Mode home planet and the most beautiful planet I have ever found myself.


Also uploaded to old gods. Always open to visitors, please watch your step! :wink:



Not an S-class but I love the monochrome exterior


After hearing that you could see the star chain from the outside, I decided to find out if you can see it from inside the chain. Which I think you can. There’s a large cluster of stars in both images. I saw this in two separate star systems.

Plus some creatures I found.

Including a predatory beetle.

And BUTTERFLIES! I love finding butterflies.


Aww! I love the Butterflies, too! :butterfly:


I figured out how to export my ps4 pics without needing to use twitter or Facebook, so expect more picture spam from me in coming days.
P.S. I know I can use a usb, but as I am currently 100 miles from my pc, that seems impractical.


I want one!




@SingularGleam I see you found a Lesser Winged Bambisaurus!