No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art

I’ve posted some on the v1.5 thread.

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Here we go again …


I guess no one’s gonna care about the rest of my screenshots from 1.3, but anyways, here we go.

Yeah, apparently “lush” worlds got fixed with 1.5. Here’s how one of them looked in 1.3:

Reminded me more of a desert than a lush world. There were some trees around, but not too many.

The night view of the nebula close to the system though was stunning:

Giant space bees:

And again, actual birds!

Unfortunately, this planet had so many different creatures while they were that rare that I gave up on finding them all after a few hours.

The next (glad that that’s over now) planet I visited was a waterworld - a frozen one:

The underwater scene looked accordingly cold:

And the view wasn’t that much heartwarming, either:

… or was it?

Funnily enough, this planet had no creatures whatsoever, which is why I didn’t stay for very long.

The following planet was a radiated one:

With interestingly shaped megaliths scattered around its surface:

There were some … let’s call them “firebirds”:

I hate it when this happens:

Once I scanned all creatures there, I went ahead to the next planet.

Which looked almost like a lava world seen from space:

But up close, it was more like a desert than a lava world:

Always nice to find some communication towers to get to the nearest outpost quickly:

On my way toward it I came across this crashed freighter (seriously, this model needs to be investigated - there aren’t any other crashed freighters around other than that type):

At the outpost I set up an exocraft pad and began exploring the planet. First thing I found were these giant … Dragons!

And this one’s a first for me as well - I found Radnox on frozen planets before, but not on a hot one! It was partly melted to the ground:

Their glow was beautiful. Even more so during the night:



Impressive rocks were floating around:



And a small opening at some rather large cliffs:


Again, the most astonishing thing I found were these resource deposits. I call them Guardians, because of their unusual shape:


Bear in mind that we most probably won’t see any of those deposits after 1.5 hits. They were integrated into the ground and have to be mined with terrain manipulators. So enjoy these images of rarely seen deposits - we’ll likely won’t find them in 1.5 ever again.

Yet I’m sure we’ll find a lot of other, equally astonishing stuff.

Two more similarly large posts are incoming, then I’m done with my 1.3 screenshots. The last planet I’ve been on (interestingly enough) was a “temporary” one - where I encountered the lore of the Boundary Failures.


New screenshots!


There still is soo much beauty in the old version. Am not giving up on it yet.
I will keep playing this one on my PC…

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So after playing NEXT, I transferred a ton of screenshots from Atlas Rises so I might as well post these now:


The second to last one is actually the background to my PS4 too


New place for NEXT screenshots


Consider adding that one to the “Ode to Snappies” topic area

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Alright. These are the rest of my screenshots from 1.3 Atlas Rises. I finally got myself to stop playing NEXT in order to finish my 1.3 collage - which was a hard thing to do.

I started a new game in 1.5, this time in Survival Mode again. I wanted to have a challenge again. And boy, a challenge it is indeed. Several times I died because of impatience or simple stupidity. So a Permadeath game is not an option for me.

Anyhow. Enjoy the very last few pictures from 1.3, including the no-longer existing strange looking resource depots.

Still on the same scorched planet there were also huge caves to be found:

Also a crashed freighter, where I made an experiment to try to park my exocraft on top of its bridge:

It worked better than I thought it would.

Here’s a view from the inside of a Monolith, including stretched textures:

And one of the now extinct Heridium deposits. Like a child and its parent:

The last shots from this planet were two further large resource arcs, fused into the nearby rocks:

The next planet I went to was a radiated world:

Had some strange color schemes. I never saw a blue color scheme on a radiated world:

I came across a traveller grave down a cliff:

Apparently, this traveller wasn’t very smart:

Another grave, not too distant from the one before:

And a complex of ruins, quite a large one:

These ruins got some interesting interiors, like this circle top I dubbed “Council Room”:

Another planet, a toxic waterworld:

It had a few scary looking predators, like this fish:

And even underwater isles!

Occasionally, some spaceships flew over me:

Apparently, a catastrophe broke some of the megaliths that were around there:


The last view from that planet was a wonderful sunset:

Again, a toxic world:

With huge stone arcs littered across its surface:

And butterflies!

Some rocks that looked almost like they were melting:

My exocraft on top of these stone arcs appeared very tiny:

One more deposit, which appeared to a pillar of some sort, supporting the giant stone arcs:

And another Monolith:

Another sunset:

And eventually, an image from a toxic storm in the middle of the day:

The only way you can tell it’s a storm is because of the colors. Thankfully, now in 1.5 such storms are much more impressive.

A deserted world:

I didn’t bother to look around much, apparently this world didn’t have much to offer:

On the contrary to this scorched one:

The many other planets in this system created a few very impressive scenes, they appeared like “viewers”:

And this Monolith seemed like it was gazing into the vast stretches of desert:

Now for the three last worlds I went to before the update hit.

The first one was another seemingly empty world:

Not so much on closer inspection though, cause it had lost rivers along its surface:

And its caves had some treasure:

The second one was a grassy world:



With strange looking megaliths, from top looking like giant houses:


Not on a closer look anymore though:


Grassy hills:

And a vastly different color scheme once evening drew closer:

And -kzzt- was the last >>>REDACTED<<< -kzzt-

With strange -kzzt-

Landscapes littered -kzzt- glass



Structures of unknown origin, telling -kzzt-



What is this -kzzt-





— no signal —


Seeing the old terrain generation really makes you notice just how big of an improvement the new one is. Beautiful shots, sleep well Atlas Rises.


I love Atlas Rises. I pulled my older ps4 offline just so I can savor it in the future! In fact, I want to play more 1.00 (pre-day 1 patch).


Hearing you @wyo - the charm of having a day1 disc copy - setup a new ps4 user without network and off you go!


So far, I prefer the old biomes. not really sure why. Nostalgia? The feeling strangeness is gone. Maybe I need to warp to more distant planets.

I wish I had a way on Steam to keep playing my old save without updating/upgrading it to NEXT.


Like most of us, I’ve been playing NEXT heavily since release. I’ve been trying, with some difficulty, to put together my impressions of the update. Generally speaking (putting bugs aside), I think the gameplay additions are a net plus, but the gameplay & visual changes are a mixed bag.

Reviewing my own old screenshots, and those in this thread, really illustrates the visual aspect. Despite many improvements, I’m constantly feeling there’s something huge missing from the “look & feel” of NEXT vs. Atlas Rises. Perhaps the further shift towards “realism” has diminished much of the sense of wonder & beauty for me. When I see NEXT screenshots that I like, it’s usually because of how they show off cool new features. When I like Atlas Rises pics, it’s usually because they highlight the artistry of the old environments.

I’ll try to piece my thoughts together better eventually. For now it’s nice to know that despite heavy uncritical praise coming from some sources, there are actually others out there experiencing similar mixed feelings as myself.


My only major problem with new look and maybe it’s not present on PC with High Settings, but on PS4 the ground textures, while much clearer and defined, are now smaller and you notice the pattern repetition quite a lot. Maybe the textures are same resolution but they’re no longer been render to a bigger size as they once were, and they’re definitely not blending as well as they used to.

Also noticeably absent from the ground texturing was a sort of second somewhat veiney raster type layer rendered on top of the ground to give off the effect of cracks or vines/roots etc. This was introduced to the graphics overhaul of atlas rises. It also helped to make the repetition in ground textures less obvious.

It’s possible this is just an issue with consoles and high settings on pc gets larger rendered and better blended ground textures? I honestly don’t mind in the end if it means the game got a huge bump in most other visual aspects and gameplay elements.

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