No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art

I haven’t really embarked on a longer journey in NEXT yet, since I haven’t been able to get an exocraft so far (playing in Survival). I’ll definitely roam around on my home planet (a frozen world) for a few hours to see if I come across anything as impressive or strange as the old resource deposits were.

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Mrs HG & I have regularly commented the same.
As a day one player I’ve watched all the changes and am simply glad to experience them all.
Its part of game development and progress: for things to evolve more detail but to somehow lose that raw uniqueness.


I really looked into some way to save Atlas Rises on my PC but there didn’t seem to be a way to do that with Steam and I almost went the GOG route to see if ‘owning’ a copy would allow me to play offline. In the end, I knew I’d always have my older ps4 to play Atlas Rises and a couple hard copies to play 1.00 pre-day one patch NMS!

As to NEXT, I have to say I’m enjoying it. I do miss some of the Atlas Rises planets. I was in a really great area when NEXT came online. I didn’t want to lose that! I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of NEXT and I look forward to discovering much more in the coming months. I love the clouds and lighting. I do miss some of the more sci-fi planets but maybe they’re still out there. It’s hard to complain because I just love NMS no matter what but maybe part of the ‘problem’ is for those of us who loved NMS since day 1, we refuse to buy into the idea that it’s SO much better now! It was awesome on day 1 and some of us still miss those crazy early planets! Overall, I’m just thankful we have NMS. Very thankful!!!


There actually is a way to prevent a game from updating with Steam and play offline, but it does get a bit complicated. It would require a full backup of the Atlas Rises version of the game. Then it would likely require altering the appropriate Steam Manifest file (.acf) to prevent automatic update, to then make it possible to play offline without updating. There may actually be some 3rd party tools out there making it easier for you. I wasn’t bothered keeping Atlas Rises myself, although I agree there is some nostalgia to it.

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Well I guess it’s too late now right?


You wouldn’t happen to have a link to that info somewhere, would you? I actually did backup (both auto & manually) all my Steam NMS files before the update. :}

Here is just an example (Steam), but I am sure there is more info available out there with some searching. Some games are easier than others as well and I know this from experience with the Steam game I am involved with, for which I have a huge list of older versions backed up. Sometimes just as easy as running the executable itself instead of through the Steam launcher (rungameid).


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Awesome artwork. Hope you will create more.


Will do soon :heart: