No Dissonent Systems

Not sure if this is a bug or what…
On my Steam Deck, I cannot find these new systems. I jumped black holes and still none. So I decided to return to my settlement and try something new. When I got there, my settlement was under attack…by purple corrupted sentinels, only this is not a corrupted planet…
I defeated them and headed to a Portal. I input coords for one of my PC game systems which I know is dissonent.
I arrive and quickly find corrupted sentinels. I take down a Resonator, I take down a Spawn Mother, then reinforcements arrive…and they are the standard orange sentinels. So I take a much shorter than normal wave and a chicken walker. That sends me to a sentinel pillar. Of course, taking down the chicken walker shut down sentinels for the whole planet and that includes the corrupted one as well.
And now I am falling asleep as I type…still nothing to point me to a ship or a camp…


The latest patch says it has a fix for dissonant systems not appearing to players who had the difficulty level turned down. Don’t know if that includes you.


Hmmm…I will check. I am using a file from an expedition but it’s possible I turned it into a Relaxed Mode game.


You know I just realized I’m using the freighter from the Polestar expedition which comes with a long range scanner that serves as all three system scanners at once.