MP Nexus Depot Raid

Was in a MP Nexus mission to raid a planetary depot. The waypoint was wrong. It took us to a facility. The one with the locked door. We were immediately surrounded by 2 chicken walkers, then 2 mecs…there was a double wave of sentinels coming at us at once. I destroyed one walker and it gave me another waypoint. It turned out to be a depot, which is where we should have been sent anyway.
I destroyed it then tunneled underground and sealed the tunnel shut til they stopped searching and then tunneled far away, re-emerged from the ground and flew to the Anomaly to get my reward.


That… sounds more like a feature than a bug to my ears. :laughing:


So you are saying we were set up? :face_with_monocle: A sentinel ambush?


Maybe set up, maybe just screwed by bad intel. It’s clear you got bad info from your fixer that made you end up in the wrong place, but whether anybody wanted that to happen… well, I’d have to go ask the oracle, I guess…