Raiding Planetary Depots


There are various missions in the game where you are required to raid a planetary depot.

There’s one in the original base-building suite of quests, and then it crops up from time to time in guild and faction tasks.

By far the easiest way to raid a planetary depot is to use your ship. Overfly the place slowly, and blast it to bits with your photon cannon. It’s fast, profitable, and totally risk-free.

However, if you’re raiding the depot as part of a mission - DO NOT DO THIS. Your mission will FAIL, and you can get stuck.

The only way to destroy a planetary base as part of a mission is from the ground. You can do it on foot, using hand weapons, or you can use an exocraft. Using a ship does not count.

Unfortunately, if you destroy the depot using your ship, the game will not recognise that the depot has been destroyed. It will keep sending you back to destroy the same depot - but you can’t destroy it, because it’s already gone. So you’re stuck, and can never complete the mission.

In faction/guild quests, you can just cancel the mission - but the base-building quests all follow on from each other, and the only solution is to go back to an earlier save.

Be warned by my error!


I had not tried to destroy from the air so thanks for the warning in advance.

Ideally, there should be a way to “zero out” part of a mission and then repeat it successfully. … Sounds like a great feedback suggestion (or maybe an unintended bug).


It’s unfortunate that this bug has never been “adjusted” so the mission reads “destroy depot with your multi tool”.


I actually ran into this issue myself quite a while back. Other proposed solutions I found back then did not work for me. I eventually resolved it by editing my save and changing the mission progress.

Be warned indeed !