NMS should support the YT channels that support it


I can honestly say that if it were not for the channel MZK, I would have stopped playing NMS last year.
That guy puts in a lot of work supporting NMS but did not get a pass?

Does not seem right to me.


A lot of other YouTube channels have yet to receive a pass, but again - it is purely random! Cobra, and myself, alongside other YouTubers have not received a pass either, so something could be in the works! There were around 50,000 people who signed up, according to Discord calculations so that’s a 1/5 chance in getting a pass!


Had no idea that many people singed up for one WOW


You guys kept NMS alive when the game was losing players daily. Many were very angry and vowed to never play it again. Myself included.
Your work brought me back to the game. It’s all about giving back and you guys deserve it.


Thanks man. Really, the other YouTubers do a much better job at everything, they really do deserve every inch of praise they get. I mostly just moderate the Discord, haha.


All pieces to the puzzle my friend :slight_smile:


Cheers! It takes up a lot of time. Doesn’t help that I’m still at college and trying to earn a living too, haha.