NMS CONvergence 2019 (Cobra TV)

A few days ago I was asked the following by Cobra TV (YouTube):

Is there a representative of ETARC that would be available to come on the show next friday for the convergence? It starts at 10 am but wont be having guests until 11 or 12

That is actually this coming Friday, or for many of us tomorrow and the times mentioned are in EDT! I know it is short notice, but after having asked our fellow ‘leaders’ on the forum first, it appears we may not be able to be present ourselves.

So now I am asking you all to see if any of us long standing members is able, interested, and willing to represent our wonderful community over at Cobra TV on YouTube. You will be required to call into the show through his Discord, for which you will find a link below:

It would likely help if you are familiar with Cobra TV as well as the NMS CONvergence he organises annually. This is the third time the event will take place, on July 11th, 12th, and 13th.

Make sure to check his Twitter to find out even more.

So please, if anyone wishes to represent our community during Cobra TV’s live stream on YouTube, let me know in a reply below.

Thank you


Between work on Friday and company at my house over the weekend, I will not be able to do this.

However, I do appreciate the opportunity. I enjoy Cobra TV’s content. Thank you for the heads up.


Is anyone going to rep us? We still have a couple of hours…


Looks nervously at @Sherylmyst:slight_smile:


Have no fear…@DevilinPixy has it all under control! :clap:


No fear… I did just make a login to Discord … juuuuuuuuust in case no one stepped forward. :shushing_face:

Just in case. Well done Devilin!


Much appreciated @johnnycloud, but it looks like I do actually have time to join the show. Speaking of which, here is the schedule:


Apparently CobraTV’s car broke down so NO birthday cake. Shock!
We’ll have to make one :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know the co-ordinates if I succeed in time hee hee…


Coordinates? I want a piece of it! Well … pictures at least!


Sure! I just had lunch and now sitting down to turn on NMS. You and anyone else would be welcome to join in and even help build. while the Convergence is happening. Just a simple tiered cake, something like this:

There is a little spaceship for scale lol.

@DevilinPixy or @sheralmyst do you happen to have a creative save near COBRAtv’s planet system.
SB Code 057D:0082:071B:018A - Portal Code 018A03F1CD7E I got these coords from Discord. I think they are correct. If you do maybe you guys could multi-play transport me there. Otherwise I shall build on a system planet near ETARC which is also useful as some of us are able to at least get there easily.

I’m at Mr Noodles in ETARCIA right now just beginning a short planet search and name it Happy Birthday Convergence 3 or something?

We could all build it together in multi-play something I have never tried before !!!


In all honesty, I have not played NMS in quite a while, as I am busy on project Tumbleweed with no time to play. You’ll have to count me out for that matter, besides being on the show soon anyway :wink:

Besides, although Cobra does own NMS on PC, I believe he mostly plays on PS4, which is no option for me. I can’t blame him or anyone else for that matter though, PS4 just seems more common for some good 'ol community game-play.

I do think you have the right coordinates. Not sure how easy it is for you to travel there, to create the cake. There is likely someone who you could join in that region. Otherwise I’d say to attempt your build where you are in ETARC. Something to remind everyone of this years NMS Convergence.


That’s okay @DevilinPixy. Yeah not sure how far it is to get to the Cobra System. Maybe I can get a lift from someone on Discord lol. But yeah I can always do something close to ETARC no problem! Then IF I manage to do something worthwhile for a giggle… you will have something to chat about for ETARCiers everywhere :slight_smile: And everyone can visit our system :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted while you’re on :slight_smile: COBRA or someone will probably bring a cake at some point lol.


Make sure not to build on the convergence planet. They try real hard not to manipulate the terrain.
Terrain altering weapoms are not allowed, I believe that is still true
It might be best to choose a nearby system


The NMS COnvergence 2019 is LIVE right NOW!


lol Cobra sounds a bit creepy with that cavernous echo of his voice. We’re being sucked into a Cult. Funny!


I love his intro :smile:


I made a planet when in Hilbert for the Happy Birthday last year. I had a party on my own lol
The universe being reset didn’t help too much. haha. I think it must still exist. I’ll have to check some time.


Gek Hunt :gun:…Awesome


Woot!!! Wooot!!! @DevilinPixy got a mention :slight_smile:


Hey @johnnycloud, are you on Steam? If so you can friend me. If ya want, :smile:

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