Social Platform Preference Poll


Which platform are you most active on for all things WT?

  • Reddit
  • You-Tube
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Facebook
  • Other

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By “active” you mean place where we post or just use for informations crossing ?


Your poll doesn’t seem to be working. I am most active on Youtube, both watching and creating my own NMS/WT content.


@MacForADay Thanks for letting me know. It took me a bit to figure out. I probably screwed it up. LoL I might take it down or close it.


@MacForADay very usefull for me who missed a big part of phase 1. Very clear videos. :clap:


ETARC primarily, throw an eye and some words to discord now anf then


where you interact the most :slight_smile:


Asking this question on the ETARC forums however, is almost guaranteed to get biased answers.


Indeed. It’ll just be more witness to us wanting to have ETARC continue after the ARG is over.
I am genuinely curious, though. That’s why there’s the option to choose up to two platforms. I figured ETARC would be #1


itll be a nice indication of where our etarc members home away from home is and the other circles they’re intersecting with :slight_smile:


I agree, it will. I mean I am an absolute newbie over on Reddit, 15 days old. In fact, I started an account over there, just for the ARG. The same with Twitch. I do see people commenting that they’ve Tweeted something, or that their FB group has been amazing. :thinking: Honestly, I thought maybe Reddit would be 2nd next to ETAC, but it looks like Discord is taking that position.


Well if you’re not already there, feel free to join the party. Be warned, its a bit mad in there atm with thigns happening on twitch stream


Nup. Too scary.
I’m still peeking out from under my rock since the hamster chaos went down. :wink: