NMS: BEYOND pre-release August 14

My speculation: that is a multiplayer hub and multiplay will be a seperate feature from regular play. Similar to what other games have.


Not gonna lie, not thrilled about the online aspect. Looking forward to hear about the rest, though.

But… wasn’t going from A to Z pretty much all there was to the original game?
Also, last time I checked, survival mode wasn’t mandatory… :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess would be that most of those would be XBoxers and chinese folk…

And, darn it, they could at least have made that space station in the trailer less blurry :confounded:



That takes the cake!

Glad to see new news.



survival mode is automatic when you start a new game,
You did not have to and get the item immediately you where at your ship
no dead storms when you had to travel
you picked the planet by going back from start
every begining is no live ya is dying run run run and you die
if you got on the wrong planet

ha ha we got ya

you have to restart

you sure you want to try again

there is no fun in that

My hope and speculation for NMS Online is that it will include inserted content that supplements the procedural generation in addition to increased cooperative capabilities.

In other words, I would like to see larger base/ city builds, missions , and player guilds with online support. Along with this, it may give opportunities for content that is more detailed than what the procedural system presents in general: unique encounters, large scale battles, substory driven conflicts, unique fauna perhaps…ect? (or perhaps I am just being too optimistic)


Well, SM did tweet this out recently, 2016 concept art

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I’m considering Sean’s statement:

“No Man’s Sky Online includes a radical new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together. Whilst this brings people together like never before, and has many recognisable online elements, we don’t consider No Man’s Sky to be an MMO – it won’t require a subscription, won’t contain microtransactions, and will be free for all existing players.”

To me, this sounds like a single, cross-platform server. So all online players, regardless of their hardware, occupy the same game space, and can meet each other. I suspect that’s what “empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together” means.

There would probably have to be some form of instancing, to limit the numbers of players in any one particular game. Which implies some form of lobby system, so groups of players who want to meet in a specific instance can do so.



That would mean a shift in sonies policy, which I don’t see any indication of…

Ah, you’re refering to the start of the game. Ok, I can see what you mean by that.

That is highly subjective… :wink:

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Sony have already shifted their policy in respect of Fortnite. I understand that Zenimax also have Microsoft and Sony’s agreement for Elder Scrolls Online to go cross-platform - but Zenimax have chosen not to implement it (yet).

So it’s not only possible, it’s been done.

Whether Hello Games have the muscle to push such a thing past the big corporations is another matter. But it can happen.


They have? Looks like I completely missed that.


Sony has enabled crossplay for Fortnite and Rocket League…so we can hope.


When someone new starts this NMS and they die and die and die and die and die … where is the FUN in that?

:beer: time

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Not long ago I started a new game. I intended to help @sheralmyst work out how the latest version of the game functions.

Now it looks as though everything’s going to change again, some time in the summer. It makes me feel as if there’s no point playing now. Everything I do is likely to be obsolete in a few months. :anguished:


To be honest, after playing through, there are some things that need to change. The story has many loose threads and no real ending. I can understand that though because the game is not really finished.
The many changes we see when an update hits are more or less “explained” by the story as it is right now. Each set of changes is like a reset from the Atlas as it searches endlessly to see it’s own ending.
I don’t mind the changes. As long as it all comes together in the end. When HG is finally finished, I hope we are all standing together, at the center, with the Atlas as it finally sees what it has wanted all along. The end. A real end.
Maybe that is just a dream I have. Maybe it is not what HG envisions at all.


Hoo. Very Metanarrative.

I’m not convinced that the story needs an ending. But it does, eventually, need a credible explanation of what’s going on. Not just a load of KZit.

The current explanation of the significance of “16” as “16 seconds to the death of ATLAS” is clearly rubbish.
Why 16? why not 14, or forty seven and three quarters?

At various points during the development of the game, HG have hired in outside writers. I suspect this may have been a mistake that will come back to bite them. The writers they brought in listened to what they were told - but had clearly never played the game. Consequently, a lot of the later dialogue doesn’t make much sense, and has no logical consistency.

But I’m rambling now. Yes, if there is to be any satisfactory conclusion, then the story needs to change.

But before that happens, we need a LOT more story.


Hope @LPlaysGaming does not mind me posting this here, but this is good stuff.



I too, began work on a Stranded Traveller’s Survival Guide, to cover the first section of the game, until you finally launch into space.
I then realised, the same as you have, that within months my efforts would be rendered obselete by a potential reset of all we know.

I also realised that the begining boils down to just a couple of simple things:
Grab yellow & red glowing plants. Mine some rocks & local plant-life.
Get your multitool/scanner up & working.
Get to your ship & continue to follow the instructions that have been popping up on the lower RHS of the screen since you first ‘woke up’.
Doesn’t really warrant a ‘guide’.

There were a couple of extra things I noted that were probably helpful such as:
Noxious cave plants yield sodium or oxygen & the rather obvious fact, caves partially protect you from storms.
It seemed a bit spoilerish to mention that, should you encounter a storm, then a fast retreat back to your ship is the safest option.
Most confusing is working out the buttons before you get dead… these are listed, (presumably for each platform), in the guide, as is most other info.

Maybe, when the BEYOND update lands, I’ll resurect my efforts at a Survival Guide & edit it to suit & have another go.


Again a 26 seconds trailer…

Well… I’d say customizable ships since it’s almost the only thing shown? At least there’s something with spaceships.
The 4 dots on the Next update meant something. Now we have 5 dots appearing… maybe it means something again? I don’t freaking know.
Online options are ok I guess. But No Man’s Sky is better when played alone, so online won’t be a big deal, at least for me. I’d rather prefer to have improvements on the current bugs or like space update, LORE, more planets more danger, forests etc.
And again… I hope that they will not change everything again, since I am still getting familiar with “Next”…