NMS 3.5 - Prisms

latest patch removed O2 recharge from the quick menu…again… :roll_eyes:


That’s not actually true. The problem is that there’s a more insidious bug that has never been fixed in the first place.

Basically, the O2 is there in the quick menu when you’re under water… unless you’re in a double-hazard situation, where the water is also cold, radioactive, toxic or hot. Then only the protection against the other hazard will show up, and the aereation membrane won’t.


thanks for being technical, lol…I am likely the poster child for this issue at HG. Prolly have a sticky note with my name on it somewhere. :smile: As long as I don’t reach the level of annoyance as the ‘fix the clouds’ guy (who finally got banned from twitter (praise the Lord)) I will keep reporting the issue. But next time, I will be more technical about it. :laughing:


It’s actually pretty important. It’s well possible that a developer took a look at the issue, and filed it as “not reproducible”. Though I would expect the error to have been reported by other people.

Uhhh… I hope he didn’t just get banned for that, that was pretty harmless…


I think he got into an ongoing altercation… :upside_down_face:

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The new Bytebeat playlist is interesting and pretty cool, but it has one big problem. It does not take any logic into account, it just copies every single Bytebeat device and plays them all together (unless they are chained). A bit of a shame, as some of my creations include additional sounds that are either only played on a trigger/timed event, or not actually part of the song to begin with.


Some ruins have roofs more broken than before…apparently, only the one type I posted earlier, has been fixed

These eye stalks are not supposed to pop out of the ground…or at least they did not do that before

And I seem to be having problems getting underwater animals to spawn. So far I am missing one on each planet. On this one, there are only 2 and neither one has shown despite spending over a half an hour searching.


Had a problem with patch 3.52.

All of the icons on the HUD were gone. Made finding my ship interesting. Finally completed the mission on foot and then called it in. Also the mission and in-system icons were flakey. They disappeared when I would come close to pointing the ship in their direction.

Restarted twice but that didn’t help. Teleported in-system didn’t help. Opening the galaxy map didn’t help. Finally warped to a new system and everything was back to normal. Think I’ll stay here for a while.