NEXT Patch notes - Steam Experimental [POTENTIAL SPOILERS!]


Sadly, clearing shader cache does not work…in fact, the effect seems to actually be worse. :sob: I guess I will step off of the front porch, warp away and see what happens.
EDIT: the effect has followed me.
EDIT again: I don’t know what happened with this latest update but, I have had to turn off tess and my game is experiencing so much lag it has become annoying. …feelin’ bummed.


Don’t panic… if this is on PC, maybe a graphics card driver update is available? Maybe one is coming? Sometimes that happens.


Did a clean install/update…:disappointed_relieved: Will wait for another update. If nothing fixes it, I can get next level up graphics card. I can’t go any higher after that without building a new PC…this is why I went console years ago and only returned to PC in the last few years.


Just sent to zendesk this little change ive noticed. The images for the waypoints have stopped showing up. Online services are active.


For Win7? No, there isn’t…


Extended support for win7 doesn’t end until 2020. Got a driver update yesterday…I wonder if my problem isn’t more of an AMD issue since there has been an issue since NEXT released. I know HG has worked on it but, it seems like something has gone slightly off the rails again.


Huh… I didn’t know extended support included third party drivers. Good for you! :slight_smile:


Well, I meant as long as microsoft supports win 7, others will as well…once microsoft stops, so will 3rd party support