Newbie wanna join Unification Day


I m new player and I want to join the unification Day. What I need to do ?

Actually I just get my base from the quest


Welcome @Zopek.
As a new player you may run into trouble attending U.D. Most people will portal there.
You will need at least the first three portal glyphs to dial up the location in the Unification Day thread. Find ‘travellers’ at various Trading Posts & exchange 100 nanites for grave/glyph locations. Moving around & doing a bit of everything seems to be the only way to trigger ‘travelers’ to appear
Warping to the location is most likely not going to happen unless you are within warp range of the location already. Learning how to navigate long distances takes a fair bit of NMS experience & involves using an app (PilgrimPath) separate to the game.
All the best & welcome to the Atlas. (Once known as ETARC) No rules here other than to be nice. Use the search box to try & hunt down info or perhaps place a post in the Help a Fellow Traveller thread.

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Ok so if I undersand well it will be difficult even imposible to find the first 3 portal glyphs before the U.D. ?

And If I come with using cell dist

It may be possible to acquire the first glyphs in time. It depends on how much you have accomplished so far. Good luck.