Neighbour Request

@chelofellow - Tagged you in as you were interested in this part of the Galaxy for the ETARC Hub.
@TravelEcho - Tagged you in as you was after some Rigogen.

Location: HOVIL:0833:0083:0988:007A
Planet Name: Rohania (PS4)
Notable Elements: Emeril - Rigogen - Gold
Description: A planetary base offering spectacular cliff-side coastal views, boasting remarkable sunsets and reddish coloured grasses. Rocky and grassy terrain with inlets and islands, occasional trees and diverse fauna. Some hostile species of crabs are present so regular scanning is advised.

Venturing underwater brings a new dimension to this diverse world too! It was only because of this reason why I moved base as missions were spawning underwater!

It would be great to have a neighbour, so if anyone see’s these pics and feels like settling down here, I’ll give you any help I feasibly can. :smile:

One of the Coves

The Home Base Location

A flypast of the incredible coastline

Some of the diverse underwater locals


What’s the weather like?

Weather is Earth like, pleasant with a very occasional storm. Non-toxic biome.

I’m not that far from you… galactically speaking. [ps4]
obbe0844:0080:09890147 Voyager 44 System
Zurvaruemea region at the top of a star column.
2 distinctive twin black holes at the bottom of the column.
Will maintain a base here for a while yet.
Drop in some time, I’ll put the kettle on :coffee:

Only 5 jumps away from my Home Base according to Pilgrim map.

I’ll come visit when I get on again. Two sugars, tiny splash of milk :wink:

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Just thought, if someone does take advantage of this and decides to set up here, there’ll be three of us in close vicinity!

I’d better get the posh cutlery out!

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Going to re-scout this planet after the update has installed, might need to update my brochure!

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lol this is like a real estate ad. close to shops?
edit: shops = trading station

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Yeah…why not.
With the surge in interest, NMS land is gunna skyrocket in value :wink:

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@Oshoryu Thanks for the gracious offer. <3

I have been hearing of things being completely different since the patch loaded. Barren planets becoming lovely biomes, jungle planets becoming frozen extreme planets, etc. Has your homeworld changed, too?

I’m about to go into the new multiverse. Maybe I’ll get lucky this time. lol

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Ignore previous posts from me.
My place base been hit by the ice apocalypse!
I’ll move on once I can.
Oh well. Back to being a nomad for a while.

Love the NEW game but it is so different it is almost like being stranded like all the guys doing a restart. I’ll keep going in my one and only ever save of my day-one game and keep note of any errors or issues not already reported since so many are restarting. See how it goes.

Mine too! Don’t bother moving to this place either, the vast open oceans have all dried up.

Here’s me scouting the place yesterday.

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