Narrative Timeline

With all the different memos and such running around, I thought it may help to put everything into chronological order, according to the narrative timeline. So, this is what I have at the moment. About the only date I couldn’t find was the asset transfer date. Edited for typos.

1997 - ? - ETARC got it’s start in Edison via Usenet (

2009 - ? - First Echo created Echo 1, “F.A.Y.”, is unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (

2009 - ? - Multiverse Technologies founded ( )

2010 - March 3 - Creating Modified Forces Along Virtual Geodesics (Blog;

2011 - Oct 3 - Mass-Capacity Energy Cells (Blog;

2012 - ? - After two years of codebase revisions and gauging the market, Echo offers API access to major social media companies. (

2013 - Jan 17 - Long Range Communications (Blog;

2013 - Jan 23 - Enhanced Video Communications Over Interstellar Mediums (Blog;

2013 - Oct 3 - Non-linear Transmission Technologies (NLTT) (Blog;

2013 - Oct 14 - Consistent Signal Generation (Blog;

2014 - March 3 - Data Compression For NLTT (Blog;

2014 - Oct 14 - Lab Experiment 197 and Presentations from Berlin Symposium, hosted by Elizabeth Leighton

2015 - ? - Myriad launches their first mini-satellite. (Myriad

2015 - ? - Myriad partners with Chinese company Alibabbi to utilize their new cloud computing infrastructure (

2016 - ? - Our new partners improve the availability of our services through improved procedural generation methods (

2017 -? - After years of vertical growth and help from venture groups, Echo’s small starting team of 3 has grown to 1974+ employees worldwide! (

2017 - Mar 2 - Amateur radio in the cloud Cloud based networking (

2017 - Apr 7 - Can you do DSP with an Arduino? (

2017 - Apr 7 - From Major Sophia Dubois to Titanwatch Taskforce Loop15 is shut down for good.Working with Myriad for more power. (Internal Memo)

2017 - Apr 20 - Hamvention 2017 (

2017 - Apr 24 - Ham radio to check if fishermen get weather updates on sea (

2017 - May 2 - Amateur Radio “Field Day” to be held June 24 and 25 (

2017 - May 5 - Museum draws ham radio aficionados (

2017 - May 11 - Nexø II Rocket – Onboard video (

2017 - May 15 - Maritime Mobile Service Net Relays Distress Call; Crew and Vessel Safe (

2017 - May 22 - Radio waves might be protecting the earth? (

2017 - June 2 - Memo from Sophie Dubois to Elizabeth Leighton - 'Much too risky, we don’t have time for this." [Internal Memo]

2017 - June 16 - Memo from Elizabeth Leighton to All Employees - ’ the Atlas Foundation is using the full weight of its resources to address the concerns we all share’ [Internal Memo]

2017 - June 16 - Memo to all employees from S.M. References Mercury Process Self-Diagnostic report on July 8th. (Internal Memo)

2017 - June 21 - Facility in LCF California has Large transfer request glitched. (Glitched Ship)

2017 - June 22 - Report to Myriad re glitched transfer of 6/21/17 (017-a34.pdf)

2017 - Late June - Customer in LCF upgrades to Myriad Level 8 Package [L8] (021-f16)

2017 - July 8 - CSD twitch stream from CEO Elizabeth Leighton

2017 - July 8th - Mercury Process Self-Diagnostic Report on July 8th. Myriad API #09121

2017 - July 24 - From Major Sophia Dubois to Elizabeth Leighton “Loop 16 is by far more robust and accurate than prior versions” (Internal memo)

2017 - 3rd quarter - Superlumina Super Collider (SSC) should be ready for use (

? ? - Memo from Major Sophie Dubois to Facility Camus - Asset Transfer Report. Dataset 97C [Internal Memo]


Nice job! A lot of info there.

I like that you put everything together in a timeline for us. One thing though, you got the y and r in Myriad switched on all the times you spelt it.

This took time… well done Citizen Scientist

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Wow! Bookmarking this for sure… thank you!!

Don’t forget:
2014 - Lab Experiment 197 and Presentations from Berlin Symposium, hosted by Elizabeth Leighton

Woah great job, kudos to you. Have you sent this to the waking titan/GD wiki?

Perfect! I was also working on this and wanting to put it all in a video, looks like you beat me to it, and with more info than what I had in my version! Good job! One date that always stood out for me however, was the last blogpost from Superlumina (from 2014 was it?). After that post we have nothing but complete silence from them, only to have their time-travel radio ad being sent in August of this year.

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Nice work. Appreciate the effort. Awesome job.

Not sure how i missed this one! thanks for the catch, it’s added now.

I have not, feel free to share / send it to any of the other groups, I just follow ETARC.

Good point! I added in the blog dates from Superlumina too. It’s interesting that Atlas started working on the LOOP project shortly after Superlumina got their data compression working. I wonder if Elizabeth’s ‘advanced AI’ was emailed to her from the future…

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Only problem is: Superlumina was not listed as one of Atlas Foundation’s partners in the Berlin Symposium notes, for which I only have two possible explanations.
A. Superlumina joined Atlas Foundation after the Berlin Symposium.
B. Superlumina has been erased from history.


I can’t seem to find any specific reference of Superlumina being part of the Atlas Group? Other than Elizabeth’s reference to ‘Those kids’ during her live stream, but that’s a tenuous connection. The Atlas page itself is pretty vague on who is in the group…

The Superlumina page makes a reference to some benefactor that is funding them, but they don’t name it as being the Atlas Foundation.

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