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Waking Titan (Twitch)

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OK, my intial thoughts/questions:

  • It’s dated April, and for the Pentagon no less (did Hillary email this classified stuff?)
  • Taskforce sounds militaristic (can’t be good)
  • What is this Echo method that lets it run independently? (sounds like some Skynet shizzle)
  • They are upgrading power and working with Myriad (gulp)

They dun goofed, we need Emily’s help, or she needs ours?


Would it be possible to overlay the glitched Emily we saw today, over any of her previous Vlogs To see if it matches any part of them? Even if it’s just to rule out that it was just an echo from the Vlogs and not anything more

Strange that she’s “Sophia” here in this April 7 document, even though she was known as “Sophie” in all the early documents. Did we get pushed into a different timeline at some point?


…or maybe an evil twin!
57201e0d-01a3-4f6a-bbb4-2be8b7c8880f = Sophia
75d56807-39b0-42e2-9643-eef45358fb0e = Sophie
612040ac-f7d1-4f3d-9969-640bba886a97 = Sophie

Sounds like the Mandela effect.

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Providing direct links:

Feel free to edit them into your reply and I will remove this reply. Either way, easier to have the links.

with evidence!

We might as well check all of the PDFs for changes …
Just checked, but it seems only one PDF uses Sophia and the Memo we just received. The first live drop in New York also has Sophie.

Luckily, our Emily changed her hairstyle a lot, so if the video matches anything, it is the June 21 VLOG, where she had a fringe hanging over, rather than pulled back for all the other vids.

Edit: OK, interestingly, Emily appears to have the same hairstyle and hoodie as June 21, but not the same video/angle. It appears to be a separately recorded video but very likely from the same day June 21 (or an alternate timeline…same day alt time line…idk…parallel timeline?)


For those spooked with military involvement, I’m mystified as to when you finally woke up to this. :thinking:

  • MAJOR Sophie Dubois has apparently been in charge of the program from the beginning.
  • The military are involved with everything from NASA, computer technology, artificial intelligence and robotics, medicine, communications, advanced power production techniques, to the internet - originally a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency program. Yes, not Al Gore but the Pentagon are to thank for all your intranet addictions. I’m betting Major Dubois is from DARPA.
  • The military are particularly keen on scouring clean any site involved with UFO activity. As some of us suspect, Major Dubois is involved as liason officer in charge of allowing the eggheads in the Atlas groups to make practical sense of the alien technology once hoarded at Area 51. Naturally, the military will want access to any functional technology they can use, and will be intent on seeing progress which they no doubt are involved in funding.
  • Everyone from the military to the intelligence community will pay dearly to have a working Crystal Ball sentience which can reliably predict future events. Such technology could have prevented much of the calamities of the 20th Century, from World War I on down. Though no doubt such disasters proved quite useful to Certain People (communists, globalists, Illuminati…). Such technology would be supremely advantageous in dealing with such troubles as North Korea and the Islamic Jihad. But even more crucially useful in dealing with matters of even greater significance, such as First Contact with alien civilizations, which seem to be headed our way.

Listen, as a student of history I’m not worried about any Western military. Ambitious individuals like a certain Major are another matter. I’m much more fearful of idealistic power brokers with Utopian visions (certain recent world leaders, the Antichrist), or those who might have access to world changing technology who have delusions of grandeur, like some geeky dreamer in a lab somewhere who has ready access to a bunch of Big Red Buttons with the word “Quantum” on the labels above them. That really scares me…


Yeah, the scary stuff always gets developed by military, but speaking of DARPA, this Boston Dynamics creation they call Atlas could be the origin of Korvax, or even those pesky Sentinels.

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Ah oh, he got away!! :grimacing:

The scary stuff the military has will always seem intimidating. A space base with NASA on the side will always seem more cozy than one which reads U.S. AIR FORCE. But what would be even worse would be one which reads PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF IRAN or CHINA. I’m fine with nations having control of this kind of stuff who have a certain regard for human rights. I’m in no mood to work in a factory run by China.

But even better, we’ve gotten to the point that we have to ask what rights humans have in interstellar civilizations. Do they have a Constitution remotely like ours? Or is it more like an anthill where you serve your purpose or you get recycled? Will we find ourselves in a situation like Colonel Jack O’Neill in Stargate, in which we only have rights because our weapons are at least as badazz as theirs?


You really gotta watch The Expanse, a very cool sci-fi TV show that dabbles a lot in those themes :slight_smile:


I don’t think racial distinctions are helpful here.
The start of the last Emily VLOG indicates she knew she would disappear, which has always perplexed me. How and why would someone anticipate disappearing from existence? That seems extreme for a radio site admin. And she looks like she is morphing into an alien in the vid cuts today.
We’re all orphaned without the great HAM woman…

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Where can I watch this?

Perhaps she willingly became an Echo? It’s like that question from the survey. There’s a red button, if you press it maybe you get one million dollars, or maybe someone dies, or maybe both, or nothing happens at all.

I feel like Emily pushed the button. Except the only life in jeopardy was hers, and instead of a million dollar, her conscience would become an echo, allowing her to travel through time and become immortal. There was always the odd chance of nothing happening, or Emily simply suffering a clinical death… But it looks like the experiment worked.

She hasn’t disappeared from existence. I think she became the proverbial brain in a jar. She saw Loop15’s shortcomings and maybe wanted to become Loop16 herself?

Brain is melting.

ikr, see, I’m happy to speculate about that kind of thing, and it certainly is interesting but that implies so much, like she had access to some state of the art stuff, she knew she was in trouble, she wasn’t willing to share the detail, she was hiding info, she was a double agent, she was an AI posing as a human, it’s too much to really pin down with evidence.

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Yeah love that show, can’t wait for season 2!! :smiley:

reminds me of the movie Paycheck. :slight_smile: