My Friend in Australia sent me a Dr. Who Wallet and Food Package!

Any Dr. Who fans out there? My friend in Australia just sent me a sweet Dr. Who wallet collector’s item along with some food from down under. Here is a video of me unboxing it:


Nice short but now I’m depressed again.

First time was when I learn that ‘shrimp on the barby’ was not an Australian thing and now I don’t see vegemite in a care package.


Just put away the scissors before partaking of the HempCo. :smile:
Super cool wallet!


That’s amazing. I guess our mutual Australian friend doesn’t love us like yours does you :cry: @Mad-Hatter is getting the silent treatment for a while… Ah no, I can’t stay mad at you :flushed:

Love Doctor Who :slight_smile: worldcon 77 was in Dublin this year and I was fortunate enough to be working a stall on behalf of the museum this year. One of the best dress ups I saw were a group of girls, each dressed as a Doctor. The full ensemble too. I felt they missed a trick by not having one guy in the group dressed as whittakers doctor :blush:

Very nice of him to send you gifts! Is this your first care package since you started streaming?


That was my first thought…
“Hey! Where’s the Vegemite?!”

@MacForADay Nice! Thanks for sharing. :heart: