Strang references on TV or just coincidence

Now this is most probably a coincidence but last Saturday i watched an episode of Doctor who and to my suprise it featured…Portals! Not only that my sister told me she watched an episode of Sherlock, where it mentioned Titan and hiding in plain sight. What could this all mean? could some TV shows be in on this ARG?? or could am I just clutching at straws? Probably the latter. Let me know your thought, has anyone else noticed anything on TV?


I think it’s just the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon at play but I always love when it happens because it really sets your imagination alight, making crazy cosmic connections is always fun :smiley:

This entire ARG is reminding me big time of subjects explored in Black Mirror, it seems to be hinting at a San Janapero style “end” game scenario for humanity, with a hint of that Resurrection/Immortality VIA Social Media FootPrint episode and a dash of the White Christmas episode. <3 Charlie Brooker


Yea I think your right, but like you say, gets the grey matter working, :thinking:


I’d use the term (coined by Carl Jung), “synchronicity” to describe what you’re experiencing. =)

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Apophenia. Seeing patterns in random stuff. I hear it is quite common in people when trying to solve mysteries. Nothing wrong there as long you still doubt you are overdoing it and don’t have a giant cork board full of strings connecting pieces of paper and a tinfoil hat you should be good.


What’s wrong with having a crazy board?


Yeah seriously, if the cork board and string is a problem, there’s at least a few of us that may be in trouble.


Frank mutters to himself whilst unpinnimg everything and removing his cork board…