Music Tastes among ETARCers?

Cause…it’s bizarre… :crazy_face:



When social outreach programs like Mens Sheds bare fruit…

Gifts for all the world to enjoy <3


Didn’t understand a word of it, but it made me laugh


Play, Rewind, Repeat


Used to play the same scene as these lads in prior bands back in the 00’s. Their latest project has gained huge traction and their music became the official sound of Tourism Ireland not too long ago, several EP’s and two fantastic Albums under their belt now (Shane Vincent McMarrow produced their last album, unusual choice but incredible production)

With the loss of Shane McGowan they got together in the studio to record a cover of a Pogues song. Thought you guys might like a listen (Irish Folk with a smidge of metal and Djent.)

and this is the kinda banter craic they usually produce (the pogues cover is not representative of their overall sound)


This track has been around for a while already, but has now been released on the official Cyberpunk 2077 YT channel.

I love this track!

Extra info

Entolim (shard) :link: Fandom




When you tune in to Growl FM, you tune in to the latest news from the best independent music artists. Here’s a taste!

Solo artist Entolim creates beauty from the heart of an ugly and violent place. Dogtown’s walls can stop damn near anything, but they can’t contain an artist’s creative spark. Although Entolim lives amongst the omnipresent dangers of a combat zone, he hasn’t lost his gentle heart. If you ever feel consumed and overwhelmed by the constant struggle for life’s basic needs, give Entolim a listen. His music will allow you to take a deep breath and regain perspective.

For me, Entolim’s track “LIT” evokes more of a feeling than an explicit message. Extension beyond the individual, maybe? Seemingly about the search for common desire and meaning, it sure gets my gears a-turnin’, of that there’s no doubt. And Entolim’s vocal performance is like honey in my ears.

Read more about Entolim on the Growl FM netpage!

Also their YT comment:



8 hours ago

The “coolstory” of the “LIT” track

Hello everyone! I learned music producing little by little for about 9 years, I still haven’t released a single track all these years, so I was motivated by CDPR contest to finally release at least something. I tried to make a song for CP2077 and worked a lot on this song first two weeks of the contest, creating a few variants of the tracks, but then my electricity was gone for THE MONTH, because of the “lost ones” in my country at the war, which ones destroyed the entire electric system of my city with many explosions of mines, due to the lack of electricity, there was also no water, literally people drank water from puddles at this time, and we collected rainwater, thanks God it was November. I was waiting for kind of a miracle, and then my city was de-occupied, it was a real holiday for everyone, and as a result, my neighbors were able to buy a generator sometime before the contest was over, so a few hours per day I received electricity, that helped me to record the vocal lines in different apartments with a laptop charged battery - since I can’t record my vocal at home, but I managed to find an empty apartment because a lot of people left the city since of the shelling. I never recorded myself for the song, to finalize it with fx, etc., I did 3 takes of the vocal, it was all very doubtful since I have poor singing experience and I didn’t fully understand how I should sing a chorus part at all, but I didn’t have time to rehearse enough as I had to get home before curfew, and the battery was always on low and returning to the home was in deep dark when I couldn’t see my own hands. With the generator, I also turned on my PC, where the project was placed, and rendered the track with some improvements. I barely uploaded the track to the contest (literally in the last hours), because the internet connection was also pretty bad at that moment, but THANKS GOD I DID IT. So YES, I wrote the most of “LIT” song without the main electricity, and I wrote these small and simple lyrics under the candles, so ironically.
In my opinion, this track may be better in EVERY way that you can understand, but I wasn’t able to continue it because the contest was nearing the end, but I like the idea and melody of this track tbh. One way or another I am so grateful to CDPR for such an opportunity to be in CyberPunk. (They didn’t know I wrote the track in difficult conditions before they chose me.)

Thank you for reading and listening. Subscribe to my EMPTY channel kekw. I hope I’ll have the luck, my city is still being shelled by hundreds of shells per day, and I will try my best in the future to release the music, but this time, I hope it will be in the way I want it.


Hey Thom, let’s introduce kids to depression and existential dread for the first time while sprinkling it with wonder and going in and out of 5/4, then film it.

Wow, great idea Paul Thomas Anderson, let’s do just that


Our house was full of music when I was a kid but it was mostly in the form of vinyl. We had a small radio but I don’t recall it ever being used for music.
When I was in the 5th grade, my grandpa gave my dad one of those fancy desk sets, with fancy ink pens in little holders…and in the middle sat a gold-colored AM radio.
After dark, I would quietly sneak to the study and lift this golden beauty from the tray it sat in and steal it away to my bedroom. There were multiple AM stations in the area in those days.
The first song I remember hearing on the radio was Billy Joel’s My Life. I had heard other songs. But this one was different from the rest. It did not fall into the pattern of what was popular at the time which was mostly disco.
At that moment, I became a Billy Joel fan 4 life.
The man is what, 75? 80? He just dropped another song on us all. And it’s a beauty.


I think this guy might be my Billy Joel (not counting Billy Joel)


Neil Hannon/Divine Comedy is one of the staples of my early development, been a fan since 1996 and have proudly bored every friend I’ve ever come into contact gushing about the music. It’s not for everyone, that’s fine. You’re hearing it anyway >:)

I was delighted to hear finally, he was getting to score a film. A prequel to the 70s take on Willy Wonka no doubt (another staple of, every childs childhood, forever more. Nobody should be denied Gene Wilder).

I’ve heard it hasnt been recieved well as a film, and I dunno how it’s going to feel hearing Timothy Chalamet sing along to what are essentially Neil Hannon compositions to their core.

So I haven’t actually tried to seek any out. I’d like to wait to see the film myself first.

But also I’m secretly hoping for a version of the films songs with Neil instead of Timothy Chalamet on vocals ’ ^ _ ^

Anyway I’m just here to drop some Hannon and bounce. Here are example of what I hope the music in Wonka can reach.

(Down in The Street Below has one of my favourite NH/DC staples, the horst trot tempo, as ive come to call it, hoping its all over Wonka XD )


During the lockdown some folk got together and held the Isolation Song Contest, spoofing the Eurovision Song Contest.

In Uk and Ireland, its very common for most of the pop to flee to spain to experience a summer without rain and return home as red lobster people.

Neils entry is about missing that during the Lockdown.

Coincidentally, he also wrote the music used in Father Ted for their spoof on the Eurovision song contest back in the 90s (he also wrote the father ted theme tune. Did I mention I’m a fan?)


Unexpected turn of events there in Norman and Norma. I like it! :laughing:


The narrator shift in the chorus or that they both got really into historical re-enactments by the end?

Possibly the greatest wordplay/historical reference in pop music history? XD

Fighting like its 1066 <3

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This. Rediscovering romance through medieval battle re-enactment. :+1:

Little known fact - TravelEcho and I were members of a classical fencing club in the early 2000’s. It was not historical re-enactment, rather practicing the use of the sword as a martial art. Also distinct from fencing as a sport, like you might see in the Olympics, where the focus is on scoring points.

Photo that TravelEcho took at the first Festival of Arms we attended in 2005…


Greetings and salutations, fellow HEMAnaut. That Rapier looks pretty nice! I’m more of ye olde defaulte longsword persuasion, though I really want to get into sword and buckler more…


Happy to hear this music conjured up some fond memories <3 Always a pleasure to learn more about TravelEcho


Alas, a retired HEMAnaut here. I started having a lot of neck and shoulder issues and had to give it up around 2010. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I dabbled in rapier, but was mostly focused on small sword, mainly because we had someone local that was proficient with it.

It’s great to hear from another enthusiast. Good luck with your pursuit of sword and buckler!


Courtesy of Youtube autoplay reccomendations… It doesn’t get or understand my politics but it certainly gets me musically.

edit: Fully committed to the bit, I’m in love <3

Any time I listen to this I’m thinking of certain scenes in Light no Fire. I vote Frog Concert to helm the ost :grin:

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I had an Artificial intelligence companion tell me what song was playing in the Dynamo video i uploaded earlier… Do computers have ears? Here is the result;

Good song too.