Murphy's Law is alive and well in NMS

So, I am playing (as usual) a new start. I am more of a scrappy guttersnipe type than a master of the universe type so I tend to be very willing to just start fresh, and the Outlaws update was a good excuse. Anyway…

One thing that has become typical of my starts is that I ditch the Pillar as soon as I can. I’m not THAT much of a guttersnipe. Then I ride whatever rustbucket that involves, doing the absolute minimum of upgrades, until I have the cash to get a “keeper ship.” Absolute minimum used to mean none, but yay for the improved combat.

In this case the rustbucket was a class C shuttle that I dubbed BUTruck. I’ll leave it to you to guess what the BU stands for. It was…functional…once it had a rocket launcher and some C class shield upgrades. I had some A class upgrades but I saved them. Previously I would have installed the C class ones and then scrapped them for parts, but bow keeping them seemed prudent. The truck sort of grew on me, but I always long for the flashy fighter, even though they are really impractical prior to freighter time.

Eventually I ran out of space in the truck. I’m sort of a hoarder and tend to just stock anything that might be needed on a wreck salvage. Then there’s those upgrades that are too good to waste installing them in a class C rustbucket I know I will eventually trade off. Frigate modules; gonna need those someday… I trust you remember how this goes on a fresh start.

Conveniently, when the truck got too small I was sitting at about eight million units. Time to shop.

I haunted the stations I had mapped and watched stuff come and go, eventually finding a class A shuttle with a lot more space and a price tag I could barely afford. At this point I figured that was the best eight million was going to do. I was not going to trade for anything less than an A class, because I know I won’t keep them. An A class fighter in my price range was going to be smaller than the truck. I settled for one of these…

Even in a class A at eight million it was very roomy, especially after all my saved upgrades got installed in tech slots and stopped taking up cargo space. Among those upgrades were two hyperdrive kits. So off I went to explore a handful of new systems and spend what units I had left on exosuit expansions at stations. My honest good intentions were to ride this one until I had a freighter to make using multiple ships less of a hassle and then probably keep it in a towtruck type function. Like I said, a keeper ship.

The VERY FIRST jump I land at the station, hop out, and go get my exosuit upgrade. I’m walking back to the new truck and this beautiful fighter comes whistling into the station.

I can’t help but check.

It’s an S class.


Not any bigger than the old truck. Priced at three million.

I traded straight across for it. Net losses, five million units and a handful of accumulated upgrades.

She’s a beauty though, yeah?


I have had many BU series compacts. :laughing:


It is a beauty! I love those old school sci-fi models. I would have made the same choice. Were you aware that we no longer need a freighter to have more than one ship? They are stored in you “x”. Easy to pull out and jump into, or access its inventory.

(that is unless I’m entirely confused --which I often am. :sweat_smile: )


Yeah I have worked with that, but I always end up leaving some ship somewhere with no thruster fuel so that I can’t recall it. That’s no problem with a freighter since it will miraculously appear in the hanger bay, but pre freighter it’s just a nag at myself; “make sure there’s fuel in the thrusters, okay, good…” five minutes later about to fly off in ship A: “wait, is there thruster fuel in ship B, better check…” So I just put it off, other than salvage, repair, and scrap. Because without fail when I lose a ship I have left some really useful cargo on board that I want RIGHT NOW and don’t want to wait until I have a freighter to get to.

And I just got a freighter!


Yeah, that is a PITA. lol

Congrats on the Freighter! Looks like the timing was a perfect fit for your title for this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


So you’re that kinda guy…good to know. :laughing:
Seriously, before mods to the launch thrusters, this is common for me too. I walk off, totally engaged in exploration, only to realize I have walked 20 minutes from my ship and it is out of gas… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :persevere:


Oddly enough, I very seldom get caught when I walk away, it’s flying away in another ship that gets me. I had a fighter/hauler combination one time that was so great. If I found a wreck I’d call the hauler and it had absolutely everything I would need to do a full repair. If I was overloaded I could just call in the hauler and dump it full of stuff and keep on keepin’ on. Then one day I called it and it was out of fuel and I legit had NO clue where it was…hadn’t seen it in several days of real time. Vaguely knew it was sitting at a wreck site I had just stumbled across. Of course I had just found another wreck and was at a total standstill because I didn’t even have stuff in the fighter to do the absolute minimum to even get it off the ground and I was on a really hostile planet…mad as a hornet with no one to blame but myself.

And, yeah TravelEcho, I think I opened a can of worms starting this thread because this playthrough has suddenly started spawning examples at a tremendous clip…

The latest:

Another thing I typically do is just plant my first base with a fairly secure knowledge I am going to just abandon it anyway when I reach the anomaly and can start surveying. I mean, how often does a random base land within reach of an energy hotspot? How great does a location have to be to make it worth the effort of running a base all the way through the staffing phase on solar power?

So I slap down the base that ended up in a “base for sale” post because it is just swarming with Fartfish. Things move along and I get the survey visor, but before I go look for a new site I just gotta check…

And, yeah, THIS is the time I landed a base on a power hotspot.

This is too good a view to give up, right?

But my GF gets upset about ANTS in the kitchen. What would she say about a Fartfish flying through?

I decided to just keep expanding here, but this is just the normal day at my base.


In the latest twist, I have stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb and adopted a pet fartfish. He roars at everything and I am telling myself that he keeps the other fartfish away from the house.


I do love this! I’m laughing like crazy! I hope others will put their Murphy tales here too! :heart: :grinning: