Multiverse-75 Questions

  • What is their real goal? They mention they want to learn how to “influence the natural world through discrete modification and manipulation of low-level universal forces.” But to what end? (thanks @jojo)

  • Their phone number places them in New Mexico, even though they list their offices in NYC, London, and Shanghai. Is there a significance to New Mexico?

  • Why is there a picture of two planets smashing into each other for their Expertise image?

  • This company was founded in 1999. Is there any relevance to that? There was a lot of anxiety about 2000 bringing an apocalypse, both for computer systems with the Y2K bug, and a more doomsday, literal apocalypse.

  • How does this relate to echo-64 and the Atlas Foundation?


Well the Echo company is a client of theirs.

Client? Or, sister company?

I am going with client or such more than sister company as he says “My time with” - seems like Echo was meeting with them (from the Multiverse page - “We connect experts in the fields of quantum electrodynamics and the study of geophysical anomalies with clients who want to know more about the underlying mechanics of our world.”)

Yeah, on a public-facing level, Multiverse-75 seems to offer consulting services, so client might be a better fit here. But who knows what the relationship is like under the surface. Mikhail Regison is the CTO of echo-64 and “created the initial codebase and system for Echo.”

I would add a question in with the others - the site mentions this, “Multiverse is dedicated to learning more about how we can influence the natural world through discrete modification and manipulation of low-level universal forces.”

That could read as working to modify reality, of sort, :slight_smile: So what do they define as discrete…

It could be connected to their de-scrambled blurb on Electrodynamics, “Venturing to new horizons in Quantum Electrodynamics, we aim to make better use of the particle/wave interactions that happen all around us, every day.”

Okay, I just called Multiverse-75’s number and my phone said the number was in Los Alamos. Los Alamos is where the Los Alamos National Laboratory is, which is where the U.S. government does scientific research on many subjects (originally they did research into nuclear weapons).

Through partnerships across government agencies, laboratories, universities, and industry, Los Alamos integrates science, technology, research and development solutions to achieve the maximum impact on strategic national security priorities. To further these collaborative efforts, Los Alamos operates three main user facilities:

The Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies: The Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies is a DOE/Office of Science National User Facility operated jointly by Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories with facilities at both Laboratories. CINT is dedicated to establishing the scientific principles that govern the design, performance, and integration of nanoscale materials into microscale and macroscale systems and devices.[21]

Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE): The Los Alamos Neutron Science Center is one of the world’s most powerful linear accelerators. LANSCE provides the scientific community with intense sources of neutrons with the capability of performing experiments supporting civilian and national security research. This facility is sponsored by the Department of Energy, the National Nuclear Security Administration, Office of Science and Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology.

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL), Pulsed Field Facility: The Pulsed Field Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, is one of three campuses of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL), the other two being at Florida State University, Tallahassee and the University of Florida. The Pulsed Field Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory operates an international user program for research in high magnetic fields.

As far as NM (as others have pointed out), yes, Los Alamos.

Very interesting, Atlas is a facility being designed at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

Los Alamos National Laboratory has a YouTube channel as well:

Another interesting thing I came across is an App they developed. The “Los Alamos: The Secret City of The Manhattan Project” iPhone app takes users through an “augmented-reality” while visiting the northern New Mexico city to see it in its 1940s character. The app was created by Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The site repeatedly mentions radiation and the use of electromagnetism or “low-level forces” to affect the radiation. It instantly reminded me of this post on the ETARC news section about how low energy radio-waves may be used to effectively shield someone from radiation.

Radiowaves are of course electromagnetic, and this could be just a coincidence, but they are at least centered on the same subject

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So maybe this not a game. Maybe it is REAL.


This is probably a reach but I found the names of the first three “team” members have a peculiar character redundancy. It is likely a coincidence but I keep trying to find something there:




I’ve tried reversing, removing, and even looking for symmetry in there but keep drawing a blank. Maybe someone else will see something that I don’t?

Well - along with that - a couple of the staff have direct nuclear connections

It was connected to the Manhattan Project - be pretty cool to see this was going on for some time and have a nice history connection.

ALSO - Los Almos has HUGE computer servers for different projects, so they have a nice little data center thing going on there that might connect back to all this as a hidden need for Echo, Multiverse, etc, is HUGE data center power

And there are some more connections, but I’ll not ramble on :slight_smile:

Question regarding the research area of the Multiverse website - the numbers change when you first load - is that just to give the webpage a dynamic flair? (this is like the data area from Echo 64

And the daily test runs counts up. It resets everytime you refresh the page, but, how high does it go? What is the highest anyone has let it go? and what does that number mean?

I read on the NMS forums that the daily test runs goes up to 10000. Might be an arbitrary value, or a nod to ‘16’ (binary to decimal number)

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You can check the source to find the following HTML:
<span class="counter-number" data-decimals="0" data-from="1" data-to="10000" data-speed="36000000">0</span>
This is for the last field of the four present. A refresh will just trigger it to start all over again. Each have a different speed value and end value, with the last one taking quite a bit of time to reach 10k when the page is kept open.

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thank you both - I am curious why. It could just be random, or a nod, as mentioned, to 16 or… I guess just file away for now. Need to do the math to see how long it takes to reach that number just in case that number might be important (so many numbers)

As I mentioned in another thread, “myriad” descends from an ancient Greek word representing a unit of 10,000. I’m guessing it is a clue that the next active site will be myriad. But I’m not sure if the numbers next to it have a use…

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