Multi-Tools 🔫

24 Slot S Class Experimental MT with decent stats

This MT I found in the Anomoly in the system the portal address will take you if you feel lucky. This one may be out of sight for a while. Unless the Anomoly shows up with a scan and its there again, This is in EUCLID on PC NORMAL. The one thing about this that is so different is there are on crystals anywhere on it.
EDIT: This MT does NOT come with the upgrades. I installed all of those before a pic was taken and before I decided to post it. One that was included was the Advanced Mining.


Beautiful, Multitool! Thank you for sharing it.


Thank you. Xaine is one person I know who is going to attempt to locate it. Some say the anomoly is tied directly to me and noone will ever see but me. Xaine thinks its a possibilty that it may appear on the space station or one of the other planets in this system.

I had to edit that to state is does not come with the upgrades.


I agree with Xaine. If the multitool appeared at the anomaly, it represents an actual multitool that is in the system from my observation. Although, it is correct that another player’s anomaly will likely present a different multitool.

If I was not busy with visitors, I would jump on to help locate this on PS4 this weekend.

As side notes, I recently found a green with circles experimental MT that I am still looking for the S in the same way, but I did find the A-24. And unfortunately, the location of the original alien S-24 I found turned into a barren rock with the NEXT update. A new S-24 location would definitely be useful.


May take multiple searches but should show up at some location.


My suspicion is that the anomaly multi-tools would be somewhere in the System. Though I have never had the patience to check this. But why else tantalise us with sometimes great looking multi-tool kit but with always dreadful specs? I sometimes take a screen grab for memory sake.

I once followed a published multi-tool portal address and found the S-Class. All it took was maybe three or four searches for a minor settlement dwelling. Probably the appearances are timed to become available again once? I don’t think it had been found in a while, but it did take only a few visited settlements to find it.

The multi-tools found on spacestation workshops can also be found in the station system. I presume on any planet in that system? I’m not sure but it would make sense otherwise we would go crazy… More than we already are!


Multitool spawns pick which tool to spawn from a set of pools containing several different models. If you enter a system by warp, portal, teleporter, or reload in space, it uses the space pool for all multi tools in the system. If you save & reload on a planet, all spawns switch to that planet’s pool. AFAIK, the class of the tool stays the same. Players have been able to manipulate the spawns by loading on one planet then flying elsewhere to find the tool they want.

The space station definitely follows this behavior. I would guess the anomaly does too, but I’m thinking the tool itself probably unpredictable. The anomaly doesn’t always spawn in the same place, and that likely affects the spawn choice… I built my home base at an outpost with a multitool cabinet. The outpost location is a bit anomalous itself in that it sometimes spawns a few feet off from its original location. When that happens, it seems to be enough of a change to alter the tool that spawns in the cabinet!


Thank you for explaining that Argh! I was puzzling over how they do that for a long time now.


I agree wth @johnnycloud, this is all very interesting. When I get back to the game, I’m going to try a few things and see if I can find this again in that system, but not the anomoly. I’m trying the space station first, some reloads there to force a spawn etc…


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