MP Notifications Stuck On

A new irritant for all you pop-up haters. This one is really bugging me.
I bought a new ship and I need to finish building the Indium Drive for it. I do not have the mission highlighted. There is a MP conversation line on my screen telling the whole NMS universe that I need to build the Indium Drive…it is kind of like I am talking to myself. :crazy_face:
It does go away after a while but returns when I restart or when I exit my ship.

Normally, this only pops up when there is another player in the area.


This seems similar to an issue that kept popping up after BEYOND first dropped. Eventually the tech would actually appear in the inventory allowing it to be built and for the notification to stop.

My suggestion is to delete your ship’s Indium Drives and play for a bit. Then, rotate through your ships, gradually reinstalling the Indium Drive.
Hopefully this will allow the hame to register the tech has actually been constructed and leave you alone.

The graphic you supplied is gold. I love it!


Just your AI hanging out with your friends. Always has your best interests in mind.


Love the Graphic Rant! :heart:

You aren’t getting the option in the Log to “unpin” that recipe?


Yes. But why is it coming up in the chat window? :thinking: I could understand if I was in a group.


Our suit is texting us now, just to make sure :crazy_face:


Unpinned…no affect…still talking to myself. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: After a restart, it did finally go away. :upside_down_face:

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