Unwanted Advise banner on the lower right


I keep getting a sign showing up
! Projectile ammunition…then saying about crafting and reload etc

I dont need this as i am in creative. How do I get rid of it… any ideas?


In the mission log sometimes they appear there and you can abandon or unpin them, though not always, hope this works for you


Hi, ummm look at the Log but no mission about this bolcaster … sigh.
Thanks though.


Install the boltcaster and load it up- might get rid of it


Change your current mode of the multi-tool to mining beam or terrain manipulator. I keep it on mining beam.


Ah. Yes I will give that a go…thanks.


Mmmm no that didn’t work for me but thanks.


Craft the tech requested & it will go away. It is just a prompt to encourage you to make things as the technology becomes available.
Each tech you learn, will do this until you build it.
You can instantly delete it afterwards.


Look at the item in the craft product menu. There should be a “Pin”/“Unpin” option. I have had to click it several times before the message stopped showing up.

This should also work in the install tech menu. The game auto pins new things.