Moving my farm plus pics!


So for the first time I’m taking having a base/farm seriously. I have a mixed farm on a beautiful green planet, but its time for a change, mostly because I want to rebuild and make a more productive farm. But I also just feel like relocating because I am a traveler and I keep on wandering. So after not seeing one for awhile, I finally found a new paradise planet in a strange system. It’s a twin system, because it’s two planets with two moons a piece. Both planets are similar paradise planets, both have one dead moon and one “hot” moon, one with cactus flesh and one with solarium. Also the planet I’m going to live on is covered in red grass so I’m going to call it Gallifrey.

Since I’m moving and I like the designs I’ve seen here I got a new hauler, but while I was waiting with my old one, as luck would have it an exotic landed! Now I already have one and because of space I’m only going to keep one on my freighter, but since the haulers are a lot more common, I decided to trade my hauler for the 19 slot exotic, fly to my freighter, get my old exotic, then trade that in for my new hauler! But as luck would have it my old hauler was still here, so I got it back since its worth more.

Now I’m at my old base with my new hauler and it’s moving day! Below is my old hauler, my old exotic, then my new hauler (in the middle) and my new exotic! I’ve always wanted a gullwing.


Also I realize I forgot to post pictures of the planets and moons which I will do as soon as I can.


Nice ships. But, I don’t see a pic of the base you mentioned.

If you haven’t started yet and you would like visitors, my advise would be to find the portal first and then look for a habitable base not far from that.


Yeah when I posted this I got rushed so I forgot a couple things I will add them ASAP. Here’s the base:

My first real attempt at a base with a farm. As you can see I like symmetry. I have one set of planters and two domes for living glass, 5 gek nip plants ;), one dome for liquid explosive, one for circuit boards, one for cactus, and one for sol rock, with more of each of those in some free spaces in the domes. I started with building a two story cube room for my containers and expanded from there.

Since I hit the limit, I’m actually ready to move and rebuild my base to make more money since I now know what I’m doing. I prefer exploration but the farm is perfect to sit at while I’m studying or whatever.


Here are the planets and all but one of the moons, a better view of my future farm planet, and a very interesting ship full of prospectors…


Looking forward to seeing Gallifrey be reborn via NMS. Will pay it a visit when you have things up and running and have located a nearby portal. I’m on survival so I might not see your base but can still leave a message for other pilgrims and prospectors.