More Weird Things Hidden In Sequence 2

This is everthing weird I found in the sequence 2 audio.
I’ve cut out all the silence and random noise.

Animal sounds?
This is what it looks like.


Those are definitely the sounds of space whales.

But on a more serious note, does the music line up with any of the youtube easter eggs we have been finding?


As far as I can tell… no.

This is most fascinating… Dare I ask how you managed to get this, with the possibility I will have no idea what you’re talking about? lol.

Certainly sounds like a song I could dig. It may be music thrown in post while creating the video, before anything ever gets distorted, and it’s mixed to be just under the voice and other things. Like it’s just buried in there and suppressed by the distorting work.

I just slowed the whole thing down to 0.045 speed and there it was.
the animal sounds, if they are animal sounds, are at 0.065 speed.


And what is this?

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Just a thought, but the terrain of planets in No Man’s Sky are generated using a variation of Perlin Noise. Basically using the shapes of sound waves like those to form the digital environment. You asked “what is this”, well to me it looks like a lot of the pillars of rock I see all the time playing No Man’s Sky (kinda like the California desert).


If this and the music has no purpose and is just some kind of easteregg that won’t get us further, why put it in in the first place?
It must be important in some way or another.
I believe. :wink:

Those look like square waves to me, as would be generated by the LFO of a synthesizer. I think you may chase phantoms if you start studying patterns in audio waveforms.

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are you sure?
I mean like 100% that this is meaningless?

No not 100% but I don’t want people to obsess themselves over deadends like the dropbox thing for example.

Do you think it’s just an easteregg?

Not really no. What sort of an easter egg? The first part you didn’t highlight looks to me like the ribcage of a horse or a cow… That doesn’t mean it’s significant. There are clouds that remind us animals or objects or people even but that doesn’t mean someone formed them to look that way.

And the music?

Godzilla confirmed. Seriously though, this sounds kinda like No Man’s Sky ambiance or even the music playing on that stream, just more 8-bit.

Well, any sound slowed down that much could have a rhythmic tone to it. It’s part of sound design. At that speed it sounds like music, but at normal speed is actually just a well designed sound effect.

Or at least that’s how I’m seeing it. I wouldn’t say, “forget it, move on.” At this point anything is possible. But I also agree that it doesn’t hold up any kind of evidence. Or at least anything we can see at this moment in the investigation/ARG.

So, good find, and keep it in your back pocket for future clues, is what I think should be the approach here. It’s possible it could become very useful in the coming phases.

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Indeed, slowing even the most pedestrian of audio can result in pleasing, interesting, or even musical sounds. This does not mean such sounds were placed there to be found. It’s just something neat. One can do that with any sound.

My own experiments with the second video were about trying to uncover what Elizabeth might be saying in advance of it being revealed to us. Links to audio files (and my frustratingly incomplete transcription) can be found in the thread here:

Whether it’s by accident or by intentional obfuscation, the audio in the second video is (in the places where we can’t make it out in the original) almost entirely obliterated, beyond recovery. The intelligibility is fairly well ruined by the broadband distortion present (applied?) across what is nearly the entire audio spectrum. It sounds like artifacts from over-compression (usually called “chirping”) when using lossy codecs… and it probably is. Additionally, there are portions where the volume is reduced substantially. One can, of course, raise the gain in these areas (as I did)… while simultaneously raising the level of obfuscating noise.

The WAV and MP3 files I posted actually sound WORSE than the original. But they emphasize sibilants (“s” sounds, which are actually at a higher frequency than the bulk of the distortion, so they are still there, even in the unprocessed version) and certain fricatives (“f” sounds) while more-or-less losing the fundamental tones of her voice. So you can make out things like “oF thiS eXSiStenCe” (or is it “of HIS existence”?) quite clearly, but most of the rest is a mess.

I wouldn’t be looking for animal sounds or hidden music or whatnot in this. Point is to uncover what it is that she’s saying.

On the plus side, it seems what she’s saying is some heavy philosophical stuff. I was expecting, “If you’re seeing this… I’M ALREADY DEAD!!!” So maybe there’s hope for Ms. Leighton yet. Or not. Who knows?

Anyway, if anybody hears something different (not funny noises, but her dialog), I’m anxious to know your thoughts.

Looks like something you’d see on Line 21 for closed captioning in a video feed.

In NMS, when you visit an Atlas Interface, there is this giant red floating orb. The sounds you found here are remarkably similar to those you hear as you approach the orb. If you go to the 2:45 mark of this video, you’ll hear the sounds. What do you think?