Monolith in Hello Neighbor?

Yeah I know it sounds strange and it might have nothing to do with WT but…
I am following a youtuber that plays Hello Neighbor (but not NMS) and I was watching the video found here at NEW SUPERMARKET LEVEL!?! SECRET ROOM!! (Hello Neighbor Beta / Hello Neighbour Alpha 4 Gameplay) - YouTube
Now at 14:08 in the video I see the following

This looks suspiciously like a Monolith Type 05 ( (i can only post 2 links, check the monolith section of nomanssky dot gamepedia dot com forward slash Monolith_Type_05 ). Maybe not a perfect match but I think close enough

As this is the section for crazy ideas and such. How crazy would it be if HG/WT is hiding clues in other games? (who knows, maybe the Hello Neighbor dev is working with HelloLabs?)

Ideas? point and laugh at me? your choice, just thought it was something to mention at least :slight_smile:


You’re not wrong it does look like a monolith… to me there are only two things you can do. One, check the source code for the game for any reference, and two, chalk it down to an unfinished piece in a game.

But no you’re not crazy, awesome find!

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Amazing find, it looks very much like a monolith from NMS. Thanks for pointing this out, it might not turn out to be anything but anything helps! Im sure someone will look into it.

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Well, the issue is that I do not have that game myself and as I understand it is something found in Alpha 4. Besides that, I have no clue on how to check the source code. Now… if anyone that visits this site does have Hello Neighbor and knows how to crack that source… that would be very interesting and helpful in determining if this is or is not related to WT/NMS

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We’re all going crazy! The other day I could swear the rain on my window spelled out portal xD

Anyone seen the number 23? That’s how I feel right now :stuck_out_tongue:


HAHAHA. Totally there with you.