New evidence WT *may be* a Cube/Crate

Added to my Cube Theory Thread on twitter. Info sourced from here:

Edit: Image in question:


Grate - err… great. So how are we supposed to locate ONE CRATE in a freaking supergalaxy with 18 QUINTILLION WORLDS?? And are we supposed to smash it? Sit on it and hatch it? Pry/shoot it open?

Maybe its hidden in one specific cuboid room

It’s likely that was just used to test lighting models or shaders. Sometimes when you stare into the abyss…


That screenshot seems to be from Sam’s own procgen technology, Apparance (About Apparance). It seems natural that HG have hired Sam for his procgen skill, specifically for constructed items, but a crate could just be a obvious choice for a “Hello World” test of the rendering engine. I can see that together with the hexagon/Necker cube ambiguity of the WT logo and the word ETARC this might seem like another clue, but it seems a bit of a stretch.

Won’t have long to find out now :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s a cube or a crate.
This is a picture from the inside of an Atlas Interface in NMS.
Notice any similarity?


Lol oh c’mon, it’s so clearly a Crunchwarp Supreme!

Taco Bell is trolling us all!


The html source labels it as a hexagon…

Well, of course, it is that at the moment but I also wouldn’t expect them to label it as a Cube or Crate and spill the secret in the place people would typically look first.

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Yes, thank you, that is exactly what the hexagon is, an Atlas Interface door.

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20 units says atlas uses Diablo sauce :laughing:


On July 1st an interesting crop circle popped up in Boreham wood about an hour away from HG offices. It’s a crate inside a recticle :stuck_out_tongue: Funny coincidence!


And here it is. Strange coincidence indeed…


Not the best I’ve seen. Aliens are getting sloppy lol


We just flew in from Euclid, we’re a little tired :rocket:


By looking at this picture, the only way I can see it could work is to open - each triangle simultaneously like… Atlas Interface doors.

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I’ve found something odd while searching for NMS hexagon doors. I know it’s a coincidence, but quite funny. Look at the NMS logo (top left corner), hexagon looks the same as in WT and if you play the video you will see another possibility how hexagon may work :). By the way, the low quality of this video is so unusual in our times, it almost give a feeling it was a message from the past… But the web page feels so modern. Weird…


Nice, it’s called a hexahexaflexagon


OMG the website’s abbreviation is NMS! That is the biggest coincidence I’ve seen so far. This is getting too creepy…

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