Mobile app codes for Patient Conversations


Not sure if this is the right place for it - mods let me know

Zoid on Discord posted this for anyone using the mobile app that can’t access the conversations. Just go to the Myriad Mobile App and put these into the message bar and send.

Updated for Claire
Update for Toby

Mobile app codes for each conversation:

    1:   syh92ji975-2888gsty
    2:   768jyygdby-2738hstdgi
    1:   88y3g36yni000jg37
    2:   m223s30h665sgd
    3:   3029jg82hdvt-ee33
    1:   4738-998h28h7381sge7
    2:   8jeuy-92ju8e99-3345
    3:   ewqh7380-27hsbt2-3
Eun Ha:
    1:   eiuh00298819lllkiw
    2:   299jjsj9sjhwg26lkja
    3:   uuh33ydnnnd2888399hhbh999
     1.  di2m9wjjj827-29993787ddd
     1.  eu78039-3998847dg
     2.  777386eg-37hkx26
     3.  hdu983nj666-3nkjhfu987
    1:   3y7y73y7ehhheuuhe98h398h3hhekkkhb
    2:   28je83pp29wksh928hhn2jjk3
    1:   90j8hdk0kl-jiwju729
    2:   278snuwg6-2jijysnnn
    3:   4887-298dnunu3w0snj
    1:   h73566-2937t6-22
    1:   37h9kdhy-3juou35445
    2:   73687h-3i8j4g6ggg73
    3:   n78j9dh-8873nd79


I noticed those… that’s usefull!

Thank you!


I’m still a bit miffed there’s no app FOR mobile :stuck_out_tongue:


I cannot express my appreciation more! I have not been able to access any of the conversations until now. Thank you so much!


Have you tried just going to the website rather than using the app on the phone? It works great for me in both FireFox and Chrome…just click on the portraits and the nodes and everything runs smoothly.


I am on PS4 only. The Myriad Dashboard doesn’t work on PS4 because it has too many animations and such going on. It’s just a blank screen for me. The uplink app does work, so putting a code in to start the conversations works for me.


Yeah I’m using it on a laptop, not on the actual PS4.


Glad it helps! I’ll update as new conversations become available.


Try requesting the desktop site on your mobile, I also had issues until I did this


Thank you for continuing to add codes to this. Could you post a new reply on here when you do to let us know?


Yep, didn’t even think of it - I will from now on :grin:


Updated for Toby


Is there a third code for Toby now?




Oh you mean the code to access the conversation…try this, I hope I got it right: n78j9dh-8873nd79


Yes, I meant code to do the conversation, thank you.


Sorry peeps, I was out mowing the lawn I’ll update now


Updated for Mike


Updated for Nina


Thank you so much SingularGleam!