Loop 16 NMS galaxies theory

Just a thought really and probs not practical or probable. In NMS you reach the “centre” of the galaxy then get shot out and into the next galaxy and the whole process gets repeated again and again like a loop. What I’m getting at is could there be another message on the 16th galaxy in exactly the same coordinates as the first msg was.

On PC I investigated there are mods for the game that allow you to jump galaxies

I’m not sure but that sounds like a “cheating” mod, I don’t know if NMS is actively keeping track of that, but in other games you’d probably get banned for it.

If nms was a multiplayer i would say you would be right but it isnt it’s a single player experience and doesnt ban you for doing things like that

I would try it myself if I had the PC version but I’m a ps4 player

Well, either way, I do suppose it is an interesting question to see if any other galaxy (not just the 16th) contains any more (or similar) information on the coordinates people visited in the Euclid galaxy.