Loop 16 Comm Terminal reearch

Hey NMS players, I was wondering if someone with a PC version could check the loop16 message terminal again, as the Atlas CSD site had text that said loop16 had (re?)booted.


I did hear a rumour that it was gone but I could be wrong

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Hm, I haven’t heard anything about it being gone.

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It would be quite easy for it to be removed. Though you cannot delete a communication terminal, other players can only see one communication terminal you have built per planet. All the user would have to do is build another comm on the same planet and it would replace it as the only one other players can see.

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I think that rumor came from a video of that so called “troll”. Though he may have actually been at the actual planet in his video so there is a possibility of truth there.

I will have a look when I get home this evening if nobody else has checked.

Does anyone know if it is in casual mode, creative, etc or is it in any mode?


I thought that problem is just for bases and not comm stations?

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I’m not 100% sure what mode it’s in but I would imagine it’s just in normal mode

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Yes I think you are right now you mention that troll, so hopefully someone can check it out? Unfortunately I don’t really have the time to search and travel at the mo

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The Spacing Guild and I have tested it extensively. I have a dozen communication stations outside my base. If someone who placed one outside my base builds another one anywhere else on my home planet, their comm by my base vanishes.

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Already on it. I just checked last night. It seems like everything is normal. No changes, at least on the terminal. It still says “LOOP16 UNEXPECTED ERROR: 97C-303N-5884-P”. I do play on survival and the planet is frozen for me, so I couldn’t tell you if anything has changed in regards to the planets environment.
Tell me if you want me to run any tests or upload any screen shots while in system. It’ll have to wait until 4pm pst., but I’ll check back before I log in tonight.


Great you tested this stuff, thank you for your research!

But that’s not the problem I thought this was about, atleast what I meant was:

  1. Comm station from Loop16 somewhere on the planet
  2. Comm station from random interloper places another comm station, somewhere on that planet.

Does the comm station 1 stay?

In your scenario it is about the same player but comm stations in and outside base, im my about different players comm stations, no base involved.

Thanks for looking into it!

Another player cannot remove someone else’s comm station, if that’s what you mean. Each player gets 1 comm station per planet that other players will be able to see. A planet can have 30+ comm stations on it, but each one will be from a different player.

Hi folks just to let you know I moved all the loop 16 comm terminal discussion to a new topic of it’s own for house keeping.

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Comm stations can be seen in any game mode. I’m in the Galactic Hub in Normal, Creative, and Survival so I have tested this extensively as well. Cross platform doesn’t work though so only people on PC can see Loop16’s comms.

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Might it be the greatest troll ever… but, to me… He seems like a real-world counterpart of Nada. There, sitting over an anomaly, using the Atlas/WT tools to figure the simulation, who somehow replicated the experiments using the software that the Demiurge used to incarcerate us… By changing it’s code from the future? Would be the perfect plan for worthy human assimilation… Find out which entertainment application the last-days brilliant humies like, and from the future, alter the code through “glitches” so that you set a trap for the ones you want when the “over-engulfing-singularity” comes…

In short, I think we are missing a Nada, here, wether he is or not…