Creative Mode Discussion Point. (PS4)

I’ve found the flexibility of CREATIVE MODE very useful in building and rebuilding and then rebuilding again, prototype structure configurations to later use in my NORMAL game.

As many of you will have worked out, there are some odd idiosyncrasies when combining certain structures, so prior test building is very helpful in ironing out issues.
(Such as a ladder that vanishes after you go up it effectively trapping you (or a visitor :scream:) inside.)

Also I’ve found in creative mode that there are 2 types of comunication methods.
There is the Communications Station; the beachball sized chat box we use in NORMAL. But there is another I’ve not come across in normal… (yet?)
It’s called a Message Module and appears to be part of base structures. It is a small soccer ball sized unit with extensions either side. Does anyone know the difference between the 2?

Another point I’ve noticed is the game getting very laggy as I aproach to land. I’m not sure if this is due to the 1000 odd rebuilds Ive done in creative or if it is due to having a 99% base complexity…any thoughts?

Anyway, I’ve started the thread for us creative uses to chat and share some concepts… :globe_with_meridians:

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The message module, I have in my normal mode base structure, so not a creative mode exclusive. The difference, is that whoever visits you can leave a message for you right back so really, a conversation ball, you might say…which would also explain the extra build cost…that and the fact that they look super-cool :wink:


Perhaps its an internet “on” only feature…I’ll have a look next time I’m on.
Would this be a PS4 “friends” linked component???

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Hmmm…I’m not sure…good question…and the answer will be out there…so we must find it! (either that or be told, by one of the many who are way-ahead, haha)

I’m sure it’s like @capturleat says it’s so another traveller van leave a message for you, I’ve not actually used one myself so not sure if you could have a full blown conversation with one.

A Message Module can only be placed at your base (max. 5) and will transmit the message given when within proximity. For as far as I know, it is not possible for a visitor to leave a message. A Communication Station has a limit of 1 per planet and can be placed anywhere. So they appear to be more or less identical other than looks and build restrictions.

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My normal mode doesn’t have Message Modules…odd? …Or maybe I’ve just never noticed it…I’ll have to have a closer look.
So a single CT near a base will allow travellers to find it.

A beacon built within your base area will help players find your base even easier. (since rouge comm-balls from multiple players could confuse which location is correct).

As for the message module, it has been awhile since I collected all of my base blueprints. However, I seem to remember that the message module is purchased from the blueprint vendor in the base starter room.

Ahhh. That would explain why I haven’t seen the message module in Normal mode. I haven’t bought it yet :roll_eyes:
I’ll use a beacon and 1 Com-Station to start with (once ready for visitors) and once a few visitors drop Com-Stations along the portal route, it should mark the way ok. It’s pretty close anyway.
Should make an interesting addition, seeing vistors or evidence of visits.
Thanks for the tips.

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On the message module front: since none of us have yet been able to clarify with certainty, I suppose what we need are two players who visit one another either often or easily enough, to give it a go and try leaving a message, see if it works. My own admittedly hasty presumption had been based only on the Communications Station saying this:

A terminal for the composition and transmission of messages to other travellers.’

which suggested to me a one way message and sure enough, I can’t even change my own words once forever carved into those metaphorical balls of stone…then the Message Module saying this:

A small and accessible information container for leaving messages or viewing left messages and short strings of information.’

which is where two-way came to mind, although I realise now it might simply have meant the ability to leave a different message whenever of a different mind, something I can confirm.

Fun Fact: I can also confirm that in both balls, the number of characters one is able to type, is … :four::two: !

I would help on the rest but I am in Hilbert Dimension with only one other player I am in comms with but we are not yet able to base-visit to perform the test…so, until that day arrives, I will wait patiently in hope :volleyball::radio_button:

I havent used the message module so not sure how it works with regard to other players leaving messages on it etc,

but one key difference I can definitely pinpoint is, since it is a base only item, a normal mode player wouldn’t see it on a creative/perma/survival mode players base.

However the communication stations appear for all players across all game modes and can be placed anywhere.

I’m on survival mode if anyones interested in testing this out with me?!