'Locate a missing person' mystery

I accepted a mission from a Vy’keen at a ‘minor settlement’ to locate a missing person.

As soon as I take off I notice that the ? icon is in the building I’ve just left. Mmkay. Land again, go back in. Yup, the Vy’keen inside is himself the missing person. Broadcast location, instructed to report back to client.

Take off and, yup, client’s not as per usual gone to a trading station, but is still the same confused fellow at the outpost.

Got my reward at least. Would have made a bit more sense if it’d been a personality-swapping Korvax!


Multiple personality disorder?


Yes, there are problems with missions. Some things that I ran into include:

  1. The issue that you reported above.
  2. Sometimes reporting mission is in a weird locations such as on another planet even though the mission came from the space station, took you to one planet to perform and then to report you have to go to a different planet. Also included in this are when a mission originates from a planet or space station but you have to report success to the opposite (space station report success to planet or vice versa).
  3. Sometimes the fedex missions swipe the wrong product. Have run into deliver material X to a location but the game removes material Y instead.
  4. Have had a couple of repair missions where simply landing was good enough to fix the broken item.

I have noticed something similar repairing damaged frigates. I was asked to repair a fault using pure ferrite. I didn’t have any, so I left to get some. When I came back with the ferrite, the fault was then in a different area of the ship, and needed platinum. Luckily, I had some of that.


He was just lonely. It was the only way he could get someone to visit! :smile:


Sean actually tweeted a video somebody made of this exact scenario saying “we have a procgen mission system and it is FLAWLESS :wink:” or something along those lines :smirk:

I’ll see if I can dig it out, someone made a meme out of the korvax celebration pose during the video.

Edit: was easier to find than I was expecting.

And below is the gif someone made that is perfect for many occasions.



Here’s one that I had forgotten about:

Search for missing person requires a bribe for the location but the bribe cannot be given and remains greyed out despite having the item in inventory and even moving the item to other inventory slots in various locations. Ion battery is the one that comes to mind and I moved those around to both exosuit inventories and starship inventory.

I’ve had similar issues to your frigate problem too. When I don’t have the resource and take off to find some, someone must be sneaking onto the frigate and fixes it for me because I get an update saying repairs completed!

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I noticed that too. It’s most likely because the nature of the damage is generated when you land on the ship, not when the ship is damaged.

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