Links between Music Videos, Titans, Echo-64

Google doc with info on clues and links between

(1) Greek mythology

(2) Music videos (Kandinsky, David Bowie and Franka Potente - Believe) and Hamlet

(3) Echo-64 and its Markov chains

(4) Atlas network

At the end of the doc there is a discussion on some loose ends as well, written in a more speculative tone.

Edit: This doc was created since I am not seeing too many “soft” posts regarding interpretation of the songs and so forth, and at least for me this part was important not for predicting future passwords etc, but for understanding of the purpose and actual content of the game.


Nice work! Very thorough and informative :smiley:


Hey thanks! My brain is fried now :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Something that will fit into this “soft” interpretation post is my post about “The Louis Creed Foundation” mentioned on the echo-64 website

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Wow yeah totally! Fits very good into the “Waking up from the dead” theme that Echo-64 seems to be into… very interesting indeed :wink:

It’s just fascinating how many references to Literature there are in this ARG, and it definetly needs a softer interpretation as well - like the worn out leather book cover on the third page of the first pdf (as mentioned in my doc)…

Question: do you think that in the long run it’ll be a conflict between who ever is behind Echo-64 and the Atlas Network?
I’m trying to figure out the intent of these two entities, and who we as players should side with, if with any at all…

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Just going though some of the to-do stuff, not sure I have seen it mentioned only stuff about the Titans etc…on the Greek Mythology line ECHO was a Oread/Nymph Source also FAY (F.A.Y) is a slang term for a Nymph Source Both were mentioned in the First Steps of the Echo-64 History in 2009…


To find the intentions of the different Corporations/Foundations (THE SECURE KEY / atlas network / REKALL / Bonanno Institute / The Louis Creed Foundation (mentioned on the Echo-64 website)) we have to learn more about them.
The name “Louis Creed” fits very well into the whole narrative,
REKALL is a “Rekall Memory Forensic Framework” by Google ( / which also fits very well.
EDIT: I read more about this “Rekall Memory Forensic Framework” and it’s not used in the deep learning projects by Google as I thought at first sight, it is used to analyze the RAM of a computer system. So it does not fit as well as I thought but frameworks name tells kind of otherwise.

The “atlas network” is a possible connection to the game No Man’s Sky. In the game the “Atlas Discovery Network” is where the players discoveries are uploaded and stored.


As a long-time player on NMS myself, I also find the usage of the name Atlas in this ARG to be suspicious to put it mildly… however it is a quite generic name that has been used not just in charts and maps since forever, but also in the corporate world.

Example: In the school where I work as a teacher, the software we use to map our curriculum is called … yep - “Atlas” … being a “map” of the curriculum…

Therefore, I am hesitant to make the conclusion that Atlas in Waking Titan refers to Atlas in NMS… but I’d SOOOOOO love to be proven wrong :smiley:

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About that worn out leather book cover… I found a site run by a professional bookbinder who shares a name with an employee of The similarities end with the name, though. Still, it may be worth a bit of investigating.

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I’m moving this topic into ‘Thoughts and Theories’, because it fits better there. Thanks so much for contributing to discussions!