Echo/Atlas/Old Gods

I saw the post from reddit talking about and HR and Old gods come up. It also appears the image on this page is broken. I commented on the page requesting the image be fixed. I appeal to Old Gods, what is in the broken image?

Following suit, I decided to type in

This image posted by Old Gods appears. What hand does old gods have in all of this?

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He is listed as the “Puppet Master” as well :thinking:

We should probably keep searching the website

I also found those sites yesterday but no one was interested
there is also
wich takes you back to the main page ( kronos being the the god of time in greek mythology)

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This image is on every “BE PATIENT You’re not ready for this yet.” website.
The websites are:

Very interesting findings indeed

Bear with me as I’m on mobile, but I couldn’t help but notice, because of mobile, that if you rotate that image and zoom in to the crevice, weird things show up. Could just be my imagination though. I’ve cropped it here for demonstration.

Also, zoom in to the middle-right of OP’s image. Or rotate it 90 degrees and zoom in at the bottom. There’s an alien face. The Forf (or something).

I tried overlaying half of the image on the second half, mirroring and overlaying and some other things yesterday but it doesn’t seem to bring up much
there seem to be people or aliens on the top and bottom half but I wasn’t able to make them more visible
maybe if we find a way to get rid of the background but I don’t know how I could do that

I don’t see a face…I see a body. The outline of one anyway

At the bottom, zoomed in.

It is still just a stock image…

Me either. Just sharing something that I thought went unnoticed :slight_smile:

Is it me or is there is a difference between the Time and Atlas images.

the time image is blurry, that’s all I was able to find

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I think something that may be more important, the right pane of the page is hex-bytes for a gif image. When saved as gif you get (from atlas):

I think they are both the same from echo and atlas. I can’t quite make out the characters from it, but there definitely is text there…

I think overlaying bottom over the top gives a code- probably a password?

I have a idea regarding the image on the site !! The Greeks thought that our world was reflection of the world of the gods!

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that’s nothing new
we already discovered this

and there we are ladies and gentleman:


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OK sorry, didnt see anything about it :frowning:

We have to post this at the thread on Reddit

Nice job guys, but we already knew this :slight_smile:

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