Basic Titan Summaries and Connections to Glyphs

I made this google slides with some basic information and links about Titans. It also contains possible links towards the Titans and glyphs.


Nice amount of work, I’m still unsure on how much of a connection this will have to the actual Titans besides the few name drops we’ve had but best to have all bases covered.


Awesome job! I’ve got my own set of theories and possible links to certain other titans, but they pretty much match up with yours! :slight_smile:

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Good resource to have. Thanks for the hard work!

This is fantastic, thanks for making it! Even if it doesn’t pan out, at least I’ve learned something.

So just to try and summarize - are these all of the specific Titan/Myth references made thus far (what is missing??)

Titan (name of project)
Hyperion (connected through Keats poem and logon)
Orion (connected to Archive-1)
Atlas (name on email)
Camus (potentially Albert Camus who wrote about titans such as Professor Keefer's Home Page:Interdisciplinary Education and some consider a literary titan)
Hermes (Security protocol in use)

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