Analyzing common traits between the Youtube videos and how they relate to the themes of Waking Titan

This thread is meant to help analyze common traits found between the Youtube videos linked to Waking Titan. I think these videos were chosen for multiple reasons and may contribute to the development of the game’s narrative.

The Youtube songs so far have been “First Blood” by Kavinsky, “The Man Who Sold the World” by David Bowie, “Believe” by Franka Potente, and “Supersymmetry” by Arcade Fire. We also discovered a “Drop by the Dropbox” video, but I don’t remember how to access it, so if someone could provide a link, that would be great.

Here are the common traits I have found so far:

  1. Mercury: Several people have pointed out that “First Blood” “The Man Who Sold the World” and “Supersymmetry” were all published by Mercury Records. This ties into WT a couple ways. The second PDF mentions “Protocol Hermes”, and Mercury is the Roman name for the Greek god Hermes. Also, the periodic table abbreviation for the element mercury is Hg, and the common abbreviation HG is used for Hello Games, the creators of No Man’s Sky, which has been linked to Waking Titan several times.

  2. Face-to-Face: “The Man Who Sold the World” uses the phrase “face-to-face” over and over in its chorus. At the beginning of the “Believe” music video, Franka Potente is face-to-face with a man. “Supersymmetry” has a male and female vocalist singing together; at one point they sing “Heard a voice, it came from you/me” with the male and female voice singing either you or me.

This seems to tie in with the duple/duality theme in WT in which two similar forces are together but also different or opposing one another. The Elizabeth Leighton videos seem to actually be to different videos, one in which she is congratulation us for succeeding, and another where she is calling for help. The website has a two sided picture at the top with similar but opposing pictures facing each other with either night or day and complimentary colors. The also has a picture of two planets colliding.

  1. Running: This one is a bit of a stretch. “Believe” was made for the movie “Run Lola Run”. “First Blood” is on the album “Outrun”. So there may be a theme of running, such as running a computer program or people running from a problem, but again, this theme isn’t too strong.

  2. Return from the dead: Another weak one, since only one of the videos supports it. “The Man Who Sold the World” has a line that says “I thought you died a long time ago” which kind of fits with which wants to kind of bring people back from the dead by making AI from their voices.

  3. One more note. “Believe” has a line that says “I don’t believe you can resist the things that make no sense” which is very true of us ARG players :slight_smile:

Again, if any of you think of any more hints from these videos that help explain Waking Titan’s narrative, post them and I will add them to this list if it lets me.


My Theory on this is the following (with tenuous connections to echo / death and rebirth)

  1. Kavinsky - First Blood:

“Kavinsky’s story is that after crashing his Testarossa in 1986, he reappeared as a zombie in 2006 to make his own electronic music”

  1. David Bowie - The Man who sold the world:

“The persona in the song has an encounter with a kind of doppelgänger”

  1. Franka Potente - Believe:

The video is from Run, Lola, Run, in which the character repeats the same ‘run’ over and over again, but keeping the memories of what happened the last time.

  1. Arcade Fire: Supersymmetry:

Along with the obvious physics references, this also links with the theme with the following lyrics:

It’s been a while since I’ve been to see you
I don’t know where, but you’re not with me
Heard a voice, like an echo
But it came from me

In the same vein (although much more tenuous):

  1. Hamlet:

“Hamlet, of course, becomes a kind of Echo, taking the Ghost’s word as his own. His death is “silence,” but not before he has passed his voice on to Horatio.”

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Ok, we have new Links to analyze! I will start with the Link on Superlumina-6c which recently appeared due to a change in the Reinventing Communication text:

Name of the Video: Huey Lewis And The News - Back In Time
Link to Youtube: Huey Lewis And The News - Back In Time - YouTube


  • Song Name (Back in Time): Can be related to the “Sending Messages Back in Time” Theme, mentioned at Superlumina-6c under Tachyonic Antitelephone: “By firing high-energy tachyons(…) we can send data to any time before the emitter was created!”

  • Labels: According to Wikipedia, Huey Lewis & the News had a contract with Chrysalis Records. While Chrysalis was yet not mentioned in WT and the meaning “pupal stage of a butterfly” cannot be simply seen as a trait, there is still some interesting find: In 1994 the Chrysalis Group started a Records Label named: The Echo Label! “The Chrysalis Group were the original owners of Chrysalis Records, which they sold to EMI”.

This is the new youtube video we got from the phase (it’s actually a different version because not everyone can access the one from the PDF).
- YouTube

Honestly, the only thing I think this video is trying to tell us is “Have some fun!” :slight_smile:


Hum, i dug a bit into this Video and the Atlantic Label, but i think the same way as you :smile:

“Phase 1 completed, Mission accomplished, lean back and have some fun” ^^

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I read the PDF, immediately followed it up by copying the traditional youtube link, watched the video and thought “oh, now you’re just trolling me!” :smile:

Next we’re gonna be rickrolled, I swear…

I have actually been hoping for that since ppl first started to put these numbers into their youtube links. ^^