Let's Talk About Console UI

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How is a conversation about the menu’s and how they are interacted with anything to do with pointer speed? I don’t know and I don’t want to know.

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One thing that bugs me is purchasing large quantities of items from vendors. When they have over 100 it takes a while to max it out. The Next update seems to have even removed the option to hold the button down to make the counter go faster.

Please give me a “Buy All” button!

Two more changes I would make, make the 3rd/1st person toggle and Photo Mode more easily accessible.


I can’t recall which off the top of my head, but the Space Station terminal will let me use either left or right on the d-pad or I can pressing the arrow buttons using A on Xbox. I know one of those two options can be held, but the speed hardly increases from just pressing the button really fast unless you plan on buying a lot and sitting and waiting a few. Then it suffers the issue of an awkward increase of speed when you don’t expect it. It slowly adds one, then another, then another. Then after a few seconds it adds by ten, then all the sudden it adds by a hundred. Makes it hard to pinpoint the exact desired amount sometimes, especially if you’re used to the increase rate from other games using a similar mechanic. And a ‘Buy All’ would be nice!

As for 3rd to 1st stuff, I was discussing with someone in game how they could do this. It isn’t uncommon for some games to do a thing when a button is released rather than when it is pressed. When hitting down on the d-pad currently, there is a very slight (maybe half second) delay before the menu pops up. I don’t know why that is, but it would make since if it were based on button release, which it isn’t sadly. The reason I mention this is because Elite Dangerous allows the player to configure dual-input controls. Like holding LB gives the d-pad an entire second use. Imagine holding down on the d-pad and pressing A to swap views? Hold down and Y to go to Photo mode. Hold down and B to go straight to Terrain Manipulator. Down and X to go straight to Portable placement so you don’t have to navigate the nested menus first. This would be helped further by displaying that small bar with the controls listed when holding down like they do everywhere else.

It looks like the dpad functionality has been changed slightly, I now use holding the x button over the pictured left and right arrows to add large quantities.

“consume mass quantities!”

The only issue I really have with the UI is the popup info panel. It just needs a hover delay, to make it act like I think it should. Meaning when you are traversing the cursor across your inventory it won’t show any info…until you stop moving, then after a slight delay, the info window would pop up. It almost seems designed this way, but somewhere along the lines the team at HG either forgot, or they have much bigger fish to fry.

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A delay would make it a lot less obnoxious to see. I tend to organize my inventory a lot to keep all the same sort of resources grouped together, but the info box always seems to fight for screen space with the inventory I actually want to see.

I have just one issue with the UI, and that is the starship 3rd person.
I can’t see the little system map hologram globe thing, but I like being able to look at the spacecraft while flying.
(too much Stormraiders on mobile) :flight_departure:
What I think would work is to have a little globe on the side, or integrated into part of the HUD.

Sorry for the late response! Those sorts of things are HUD elements, not really UI. User Interface refers to things like the layout of the menu and inventory screens, the initial start screen, things that the player directly interacts with and how those things work. The little holograph display inside the Starship is only connected to which way the Starship itself is facing. Much like the bars and numbers in the bottom left when on foot, you cannot directly interact with those things so they are purely HUD elements, not UI. The part in the hot bar or in the inventory that allows the user to replenish their Life Support and resistances do count as UI, though, because of the direct interactions.

That all said, I do agree that the 3rd person mode for Starships should have some kind of HUD that’s equal to the 1st person. One person said it isn’t hard to swap views, but you shouldn’t have to swap the camera mode just to see something that should be there regardless… Taking Grand Theft Auto for an exaggerated example, if you could only see the mini-map and its icons or the type of firing mode you have while in 1st person, then playing primarily in 3rd person just becomes annoying because you’d constantly be having to swap views to see that info… So yeah, I agree they need to bring those HUD elements over into 3rd person.

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