Let's Talk About Console UI

So dragging a cursor from point to point when it doesn’t necessarily need to be there is a core game mechanic and ties directly into the game play loop to you? I’m sorry, but I enjoy actually playing the game. Not slowly managing an inventory that could be managed significantly easier in similar style game inventories. Are you going to post something that makes the slightest bit of sense DarthTrethon, or are you going to keep expressing blind love for mechanics that are obviously flawed with logic (if you can call it that) that isn’t based on anything aside from “I like it, therefore fine.”?

You’ve proven to be about as witty as you are good at reading, following along a topic, and contributing valuable input on that topic… Which is not at all in your case. I posted on-topic in your Walker thread in a simple and respectful way. If you can’t be better than a mindless infant spouting off-topic nonsense and casting insults to people with opinions based on fact, then you can stay off my thread and let the adults talk. This being your only warning. Enough trolling.

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If only you could put the same amount of effort into making an actual point.

What point needs to be made really? Maybe get off the sugar/caffeine and you’ll be fine…it takes like a whole second to point anywhere relevant on the screen…if your brain feels the need to scream about it because you can’t rush it you probably have issues with your nervous system.

Your choices are: a) deal with it, or b) go play something else…like I have said…no shortage of twitch spaz games out there designed for insane reaction speeds and so on. NMS is simply not that kind of game, and was never designed or intended to be that kind of game. This is a more chill and relaxed experience.

tl;dr. Bye.

Not that you were capable of figuring out the first word, troglodyte. Otherwise you could have contributed something of value like literally everyone else in the thread.

Oh no…where ever shall I find a dictionary…that’s impossible to find in the cave I live in.

More like where ever shall I find the hour to read that pile of nonsense about a pretty damn perfect UI…there sure are no better things to do with time. While I’m at at it I think I have some paint that I need to watch dry.

Perfect UI? Not that you know what UI even is since you only spoke about HUD elements which are entirely different… But I guess reading the OP on a public forum is hard to someone that is a ‘regular’ on that very forum. Speaking of, you expect us to endure the tedium of a flawed UI, but you can’t be bothered to read something as simple as the OP? While looking for a dictionary, which you do desperately need, and paint, also try to find your way off this thread. Infants like you who can’t post the first on-topic thing and then troll the people that actually have valid opinions are just annoying. Post more ‘lol, look at my edge fam’ replies and they won’t be responded to. And try to leave anyone else that has something worthwhile to say alone. No one deserves your toxicity.

I appreciate anyone that has contributed to this topic with serious, educated responses. If you are just coming on and would like to add, please do. Don’t let the unnecessary spat with this ‘DarthTrethon’ kid dissuade you. Just ignore him, please. :slight_smile:

Hey, you’re the one complaining a second of pointer time to go across the screen is too long a time to spend on the game yet you expect people to spend the time to read that nonsense? Really?

Please keep the topic in mind! Thank you!

It’s not…you know what’s keeping them? The endless walls of text!!

I am applying his own logic about the game to his post. Three pages full of text walls to complain about how spending a second to move the mouse across the screen it too long and it is slow and sluggish…well there you go…taking half an hour to read a multiple page essay with terrible structure among other things is way too long to spend on this topic.

Reading sure is hard.

I’ll take 'What Forums are For" for 300.

Hard? No. Time consuming? Yes. Big difference.

Opinions may differ and try to stay on topic. Please refrain from making it a personal back and forth?

Thank you


I appreciate you stepping in.

May I ask, any chance there is a report option that might find it’s way into these forums? It would mean a great deal if a thread author could mitigate posts that only hinder what would otherwise be a progressive and civil exchange.


So in short the point is more or less…the pointer is too slow on consoles, can only click on two corners of the screen in one second, not it all four and the center. Can’t craft 15 different products per second. How did HG not see this as terrible?

No… You have not been even remotely close to the actual point from the very start - like everyone else has been, thankfully.

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