Kavinsky - First Blood

I was thinking we could have a new topic for each Easter egg that we come across while we’re investigating :slight_smile: I know the big one right now is this video:

Which was referred to in the PDF file that the first ‘turtle’ puzzle had linked in it.


I like to think that the ICON wasn’t a turtle but rather the sun setting over the sea. It ties real nicely to the poem by John Keats and the message we received.

“Hyperion arose, and on the stars
Lifted his curved lids, and kept them wide
Until it ceas’d; and still he kept them wide:
And still they were the same bright, patient stars.
Then with a slow incline of his broad breast,
Like to a diver in the pearly seas,
Forward he stoop’d over the airy shore,
And plung’d all noiseless into the deep night.”

To me this passage is about the sun setting. Hyperion, the titan of heavenly light, cresting around the horizon and we are left with deep night by the end of the poem.


I look at everything and see turtles :turtle: But you’re right, it does look more like a sunset… Or a sunrise?


Some might argue that a setting sun and a rising sun are all a matter of perspective.

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Lol @Emily I see your comment and what comes to mind is this


:smile: Turtles all the way! Never heard this artist before, good song. Thanks for the Easter Egg whoever you are at Waking Titan. Wonder if music will be out standard Easter Egg or if there is other fun stuff in store.

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Just in case someone can’t access the audio, here’s the lyrics.

“First Blood”

Let’s go

As the lightening strikes, you have to start the fight
You’re shiftin’gears, you’re punishing, you step through the night
I know you, I know you

Know that there’s a thunder deep inside of you
It makes you think it’s all a dream, it cannot be true
We’ll inhale, we’ll inhale

Just follow me and go
Just follow me and go

It’s not known what we’ll do, they can break your heart
Without love, without my desire
I see a thing that is not real but I’m still alive
I know you, I know you

And when the power comes from deep within
I never ran a story that gone never begin
We’ll inhale, we’ll inhale

Just follow me and go
Just follow me and go

This time know when we’ll do
They can break your heart again

That’s enough