Is HG doing small stealth fixes on Steam?

Has anyone else noticed small improvements in the game since the announcement? Here is an example:

On PC the interface icons have suddenly started to show up properly, whereas before you could only see the top single line of pixels along the bottom of the screen. Now they swing around the whole screen when you move.

I remember reading complaints about how much it bugged some people. But now it is suddenly fixed it seems.

Any one else notice any small fixes like this?


Well, that is interesting. I can also see my waypoint markers showing up as well.

I can even see a comm left at my base from the space station. :sunglasses: Not in the pic.

Update: the comm is one left at my portal about a week ago but had failed to show up until today. This must mean the server issues are also being worked out.


Steam has not had any changes to the NMS content since October 3rd 2017. So any improvements you may see must be due to server changes. I haven’t played for quite some time myself to be able to confirm, but I have no doubt HG has been working on the servers and likely still are at times. Makes me happy to see it fix some known issues along the way :slight_smile:


Online connectivity to Nms servers has been dropping out quite a lot lately on all platforms, some people’s discoveries have been acting a bit weird too.

All evidence they’re prepping things server side for this big multiplayer update and fixing a few little things along the way too it seems :slight_smile:

That’s great the icons are fixed, from my short time playing on pc last summer this was one issue I always experienced :smiley: hopefully I get my pc fixed by July so I can play with the ps4 community and the wonderful pc community here at ETARC.


There definitely seems to be something going on, the game just seems to be behaving a bit differently and scaling differently.
Also, Im almost finished prepping a new game for next after my game corrupted and I warp a round trip of 4 systems plus a dozen portal hops. Its about 50/50 whether the bases I warp to appear or not and 80/20 whether the portal hits the right systems where my atmosphere harvesters are.
Sometimes the base appears and the comms do not and vice versa. Same with the atmosphere harvesters.


I’ve been having a similar experience. I warp and most of the time player comms aren’t there. I’m on PS4, I’m almost always disconnected from online servers for some reason. Can’t upload any of my finds.


Both Mal and I found ourselves with servers offline for most of the day. If they are fiddling with the servers I wish they would give us some notice.


I tried using the test internet connection option in ps4 settings just before I warp. Seems to force re connection temporarily in game, worked so far :slight_smile:


Ah cool! I haven’t seen anything like that for NMS for PC play.

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