If the universe really WERE ending


I was thinking about NMS this morning as I often do. I was trying to decide what I would do if I knew the universe was about to end. Then I thought, why hasn’t this been made a topic yet?

So I pose the question to you fellow Citizen Scientists: What would you do if you knew the universe was going to end? (Let’s assume you have more than 16 minutes :wink:)

Personally, I’m a sex, drugs and rock 'n roll kinda guy :notes: :guitar:


I’d call A&S to know what would be the rest of the ARG :stuck_out_tongue:


I would upload my consciousness into the korvax datapool and hope that what remains is enough to echo and continue observing the universe as I do now.


Probably just cry. I’d be really mad if I didn’t have time to finish all the stuff I’m working on :sweat_smile:



So how about this. I know I had a bit of a scare during the “purge” part of the Artemis line, thinking the game was going to end. Luckily, it didn’t. But what if it did? What if you were given 16 jumps, and the game would end. What would you do? Would you settle down and enjoy, or keep jumping to see what happened?


I’d use up to 15 jumps to find my perfect planet and then never leave. :laughing:


What if the Universe was Ending? Good Question :slight_smile: We don’t know how long we got in any universe. So my answer to the question would be "I would do nothing different than I am already :slight_smile: "

With a feeling that something has begun comes the knowledge that something must have an end. It is impossible to have life without death and light without darkness.

Good Question Though, The Answer is simple for me as I am already doing it every day in NMS :slight_smile:

On the other hand like what codex Said above about not finishing work. We experience that disappointment all the time in the Real World. Having a species die off before we even know they existed to finding out we had a long lost relative who we could have met before they past on. But we learn to live on and finish whatever we can with what time and what devices we are given in life.

Very Good Question :slight_smile:


I would “cheat” of course. Making a backup, jumping 16 times to see what happen, reinstall the backup, use only portals and space stations to travel in the system. I could reach 15 times the center so i’ll be busy enough :smiley:


An interesting philosophical question, since for each of us the universe will eventually end unless of course, Terry Pratchett was correct and DEATH grants you passage across the black desert to the afterlife you believe in.

So I would probably keep doing what I’m doing now: playing games, writing stories, making acrylic and watercolour paintings, making cartoons and line art, and writing songs.

The reality of a situation never truly matches what we imagine it will be like, so all of the above is conjecture. Except I think I would serenade my sweetie ( @Malveka ) with my music and songs a lot more.

So then a question remains… If we would change what we are doing in the face of certain universe-death, then why not do it now?


Only if you’re lucky and he (yes DEATH is a male :stuck_out_tongue: ) isn’t cooking burgers in town :rofl:


Hmm. I did not expect such serious answers. I should have expected this from participants of the Waking Titan ARG.

That’s what I expected :rofl:

Edit: I still welcome the serious answers.


Citizen Scientists = Citizen Natural Philosophers, so naturally some of us are going to philosophically ponder the ultimate question seriously.

Seriously. :grinning:


Oh no…can’t really do this… one daughter in usa my other kids near uk but couldn’t get to them… one grandchild…just a baby… can’t do this question withoutt panicking… two mad and bad fingers on buttons at the moment anyway is already bad enough…
As for nms…sorry folks… I’d be on my computer trying to get intouch with family…


16… minutes???

Suppose I’d just eat a piece of pumpkin pie and sit on a bench with my wife staring at the Puget Sound… That sounds nice right now.

But you said “more than 16 minutes”. I’d probably do the same thing. lol. If you knew everything/everyone is going to end, what would be the purpose of anything at that point? I’d be looking into the sky for where the end is coming from and watch it unfold. It would certainly be beautiful, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:


In NMS; I’d keep on exploring, base fiddling & hoping for those rare sights untill the end. :comet:

In real life; I live in a remote location & hardly watch the news so I’d probably not even know the end was coming.
I’d be busy at something one day, then I’d look up as the fabric of reality disintegrated, probably mutter something embarrassingly uncool as last words go, then whooooshhh!!! off into hereafter. :grin:


start new game save :confused:


In this order:

  • contact CS ohmgrown (not really his name of course, but then my name isn’t capturleat either :scream: it’s Anna) and suggest that he immediately go to his parents, kiss them goodbye then in his car make his way across the moors before the road becomes blocked off.

  • call my mother and brother, tell them I love them. Text two of my cousins, tell them it had been an honour to have stood by them. Then gather logs for the burning and consumables of choice for our consuming, and the cats’ toys :smiley_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

  • spare time now (he’d still be a little away) where I would sit, and consider how you are the greatest bunch of folk in my virtual world, wishing I could have actually known you all, that if I’d had time I would have loved to have made the Artemis costume I’ve been making plans for (and a Nada one for my fellow traveller on his way who while would have pulled it of brilliantly, I would have tried but probably failed to persuade him to wear), wondered if Darth Trethon might ever have left a brilliantly stormy cloud of a dislike message in a com ball at my base for me to interpret, had I ever asked, I would have liked, then decide it was time to look through the fabulous photo threads here slowly and properly for once (instead of scrolling really fast with my eyes half closed trying not to see even though wanting to) then leave a goodbye message to you all on what I imagine would be some incredible thread going on here, together with a picture of my own for our esteemed Linshell on ‘Through the Window’…which I think I will do later anyway, with one I took last night :camera:

  • his arrival…massively hug, build a fire, make drinks, likely ignore the snacks (he might make a vape and maybe admit that he would have tried on the Nada suit, albeit briefly with similar mild tolerance as when I have done strange things to his hair mid-cut, for my own amusement) then while playing music we’d made over the years, with background photographs from over those years to go with it, gaze at the flames, play with the cats and together, have spritely and beautiful times, to the end.


Last Night (1998)

Great film this… ( @Xion4012 …Craig? haha)


I’d have myself a nice glass of wine, writing about the experience, while listening to Richard Wagner’s Götterdämmerung.


I live in the US so I would probably be left wondering if this was real news or fake and end up wasting my last moments trying to figure out which it was. LOL! No, seriously, I would tell my kids how much I love them and we would all curl up together with our 2 cats and 3 dogs and play NMS together and laugh and wipe away tears until the last moment.