All must end, Time must end. [clue perhaps?]

Had this Anomaly show up today after I logged in, the weird thing was it was not in the system before today. I was on a planet and got the notification(NMS). After the star map on csd atlas. This seemed kind of fitting. After all with Waking Titian we see connections and patterns everywhere =-)

Wonder if we are supposed to look at the star map as lines of code?
*csd survey, Do you believe in coincidence?

The survey also asks if we think the universe will have an end.


Your right! Great catch!:medal_sports:

Just looked again; the actual wording is “If everything with a beginning has an end, do you think the universe had a beginning?”

Well, the Nada dialog existed before today, but it has always been the last one of the chain, so it may very well hold additional meaning.