I Feel Like We're Missing Something

Is it just me, or do you guys feel like we’re missing a lot of lore? So far, we’re about, give or take, halfway through the ARG, and we’ve had very little story to go on. I was very active during The Black Watchmen ARG, Dawnbloom, and I know from that that Alice & Smith utilizes a lot of lore/story in their work. Maybe there’s hidden documents, NPC social media profiles, etc, that we’re just missing.

That also goes back to the various loose ends, such as the tapes (which may still be relevant eventually), and the various secrets hidden in spectrograms of the broadcasts, such as the semicircle in the Superlumina broadcast. Would people, perhaps, be willing to try and dig with me for other info? It has to be out there.

During the Dawnbloom ARG, A&S would occasionally release documents on to the Internet - be it to Imgur or Tumblr - and we would need to find them without many clues. I feel like they’re doing this again with Waking Titan, and we need to figure out where it is.

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At some point, it was let known that the ARG challenges would get harder. I’m thinking the same thing. How many are still examining the images for hidden features, like the second image on the Superlumina home page? What about this listing on the album 28 Days Of Silence?

[quote=“kesbet, post:84, topic:958, full:true”]
just look at those track titles - 20, 21 and 22 from https://bizarreleprousproduction.bandcamp.com/album/28-minutes-of-silence-for-all-innocent-victims-and-boneses

If It’s Mental 0xd1545b9b It Can’t Be Physical 0x1d171b12, If It’s Physical 0xbcf5725c It Can’t Be Mental 0xfd607fa3
Ensembles h(p) = e (1.5 - (p + 1/2p2)) + 0.05 sin2 (Ő(1-p)1.8) & Classifiers
Machine-Learning Research I(P,N) = log2|S| - (|P|/|S| log2|P|) - (|N|/|S| log2|N|) [/quote]

I think a lot of things are yet to be discovered. Unfortunately, in a random association of people on a message board like this, the number of puzzle masters can be pretty thin. I have a very high IQ, but puzzle solving just isn’t my forte. Hopefully the brain trusts here will keep digging and “leave no stone unturned” as our ARG masters advised us.

Another thing that’s weird to me are the names of the team members - why are they so odd and unique? I put them all down here:

Someone said that “Austen Spence,” one of the team members from Superlumina, could be a reference to the book Becoming Jane Austen, which is authored by a John Spence. I was thinking that there might be a book cipher somewhere that we’ve either overlooked or missed.

I think you are right, but have no idea how to uncover it. Everything feels like speculation, and after a while, I’m too busy to just day dream with no tangible confirmation of the facts.

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There’s at least two things from this phase that we are missing:

  1. All the other phases has had a link to a youtube video of a song. Phase 5 did not have one.
  2. Mercury Subroutine 2 of 3 said it had identified “100 targets” but we still don’t know what that means as no one has come forward saying they received any emails after it.
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100 No Man’s Sky accounts? I don’t know. It is quite mysterious.

Not even just a youtube vid, to be more specific, all the other phases had a pdf file AND a (at least one) glyph.

It’s also possible the complexity of this ARG makes us to overthink a bit. Well, with the previous comment I’ve gone a bit too far I think and I should apologize for it. We’re getting more and more suspicious with every puzzle, at least I am…

In my opinion, for every hidden secret there has to be a reward, without it we wouldn’t feel we’re making a progress, and this is not how the ARG was designed. Some clues may deceive us on purpose to make it harder to solve, this one definitely was one of them.

They’re very clever people here (I’m not among them, though), but till we’re getting progress, get new clues and move forward with the ARG, other ‘possible’ puzzles may not be so important to be solved. I don’t wish to make you stop from finding more clues, but it is a very thin line between the reality and just wishful thinking. Explore, share, but stay alerted to not to get sucked by the Atlas :wink:

But, I agree some stuff still need some explanation e.g. what (the hell) are those 100 from phase 2/3? :slight_smile:

To be honest, I feel this comparison is dishonest to Alice & Smith - Dawn Bloom was not primarily made by them - instead by the Lovent Group - from what I’ve seen A&S tend to focus more on the puzzle-y side of things in the games made solely by them.


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