Huge asteroid impact crater under the ice in greenland!

So, scientists found a huge 31-km wide asteroid impact crater under the ice in Greenland.

Even more amazing is that it may not be that old… just 12,000 years…Dr_RJTHVAAAuYr_


That kind of lines up with what this guys been saying for a while now :astonished:

He’s been widely discredited due to the lack of having an impact zone dating to that period, Ted have even posted a disclaimer on this video to dismiss it as unscientific(the more popular theory for the scorched earth marks at 12000 years ago is that there was tremendous thunder storms at the end of the last ice age transition, and these heavy rain falls/thunder storms also explain a lot for geologists, hence it being the more popular and accepted theory)

I remember when I first saw this it kinda blew my mind, and I remember been kinda disappointed to discover his theory was universally dismissed some time later, I wonder if he’ll revisit his theory now with this new evidence?


Interesting information. Thank you both for posting these.

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There’s a problem here, though. Well, two, potentially.
The age of the crater isn’t clearly established yet. 12’000 years is the lowest limit. It could be quite a bit older, we don’t know yet.

But the main problem is that an impact at the end of the ice age was never really ruled out. There was various circumstancial evidence lying around as far as I know. Finding such a big crater with the right age would certainly make that hypothesis a lot stronger.
But it was never the impact hypothesis that was so strongly critisized. It was the jump to the non-sequitur conclusion that advanced civilisations existed before that. Because there’s still no evidence of that.

Still, this is an exciting discovery. I wonder how it will affect our models…