Hello again


Just dropped by to say HI.

Hope ya all doing well!


Ziggy! Nice to hear from you.

How’s the new job going? You don’t need to worry about the polar bears any more - from the news reports, it looks like they’ve all gone to Russia.


If that is true ya have to wonder why.
Ya, job is good.

Good to hear from ya!


Seems like all their ice went away.


It is silly how they blame “50” bears, on climate change.


If ya all don’t know how climate change started:

By a non-scientist with no meterological understanding, spouting a complete made up story that
those that love lie stories ate the pie, which is now spewed upon us to force us to conform
to some standard that is completely insane.


Down with conformity! I want to be unique like everyone else! :grinning:

Do polar bears eat putin-au-gratin?

Hi zig! Nice to see you have not changed. The world needs some stability right now. :wink:


Hi sheralmyst

be FREE lol


The term “climate change” was promoted by Republican strategist Frank Luntz, who suggested using it because it’s less “frightening” then saying “global warming”.

Deniers of climate change misunderstand the impact. Global warming does not mean no more cold weather and no more snow. It refers to changed weather patterns around the globe. In fact, global warming can increase snowfall, because warmer air can hold more moisture.


Case in point, it was colder here (AR) 2 weeks ago than it was in Fairbanks, AK because the disrupted jet stream pushed arctic air unusually far south.