30 Days of Night

I’ve spent the last few hours watching 30 Days of Night on TV. It’s not the best vampire movie that was ever made. But it’s certainly the best vampire movie that was ever made in Barrow, Alaska - which is where Ziggy (@zsigmond) lives.

And since Ziggy is one of us, I think we should pledge our support to protect him from vampires. And polar bears. And … stuff, you know? It gets cold up there. And the animals would like to eat you.

I read somewhere that in Barrow, in winter, if you go out without gloves, you can lose your fingers in four minutes. They publish information leaflets about “How to deal with a Grizzly Bear who rips out the wall of your house, and raids your kitchen”.

That sort of thing makes extreme planets look ridiculously easy.


Well, I don’t know much about @zsigmond but, I think if a polar bear were to rip into his home, he could just set out a large bowl of :beer: and the bear would become too inebriated to be concerned with eating anymore. Then again, @zsigmond might would rather die than give up his suds. I guess maybe he does need protection. I’m in. :crossed_swords::shield:


Well if I had the constant danger of polar bears attacking my home, I would place a bait for their attack to gather pelts in compensation (not that I am a hunter in any sense at all, but if that is the simple way of life for the arctic…that is how I survive.)

Unfortunately in this scenario, I would not have the luxury of knowing about what species were endangered…makes me apprehensive for collective species completion on planets…hmmm :frowning: .


WOW nice, lol just a little point about the movie … there are no trees in Barrow Alaska.
There is twilight all the time … shortest is when the polar bear visits you unexpectedly
If there were grizzly bears this far north … I don’t think my beer would help them alot.


In the other hand, the light, colors of the “midnight sun” is something so beautifull. Seing the sun descending, skiming the horizon and finally going higher is fantastic. I saw that in northern Norway, it’s engraved in my mind.

So dealing with vampires and polar bears is certainly the price for being there :smiley:


I know I like a little joke now and then, but the stuff about bears ripping your house apart is real. It genuinely happens. And the US government really does publish advice about how to deal with it.

Have a look here: http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=wildlifenews.view_article&articles_id=513


Of course they do, like they know best lol!

We have that crap at the office in the bottom drawer.

Closest as polar got was less then a 1/4 mile from the office.
Wild life and police officials were out there trying to scare it away.
But the bear wasn’t having any of it.
Of course, the town folks all came out to take pictures.

OH, yea, the polar bear is the only bear that does view humans as food.


Ziggy, it’s a different world. You talk about an animal that’s eight feet high at the shoulder, and would make dinner out of you in seconds. And then you say it was “less than a quarter of a mile away”.

If that was a terrorist with a gun, looking to shoot people, SWAT teams from ten counties would have been mobilised.

But it’s a polar bear, looking to eat people, so the townsfolk turn out and take photographs.

Different worlds.


The only thing I could do if a Grizzly rushes into my kitchen is to give him some good reconditioned NipNip!



Well, we don’t have polar or grizzly bears here but, we do have black bear, cougars, red wolves, an occasional panther and tons and tons of coyote. They patrol in packs and have no problem coming right up to my property and having a yippin’ party. I have been outside at night, unaware, when suddenly a pack starts yappin’ not more than 20 yards away. There is a nature preserve just a few miles from my place. It makes life very interesting. I imagine encountering a polar bear would scare me to death. Left with no option, I would still try the beer approach…lol :smile:


There haven’t been any dangerous predators here in Britain for hundreds of years. We killed them all off a long time ago. Wild boar have been re-introduced, but only in special, securely fenced, reserves.

Every now and then someone suggests re-introducing wolves into areas like the highlands of Scotland, but it’s never going to happen. Imagine the outcry when they got hungry, and took a child? More to the point, imagine the claims against the person who introduced them?

For me, the idea that I could open my front door and be confronted by something that might actually eat me is pretty surreal. Things like that don’t happen around here.

So I find your experiences, and Ziggy’s, both interesting and informative.

There are, indeed, different worlds.


Hahah! For how long?

We had a black bear on our front porch a couple years ago. We pretended to not be at home because we we out of beer at the time… :wink:


30 Days of Night, I really enjoyed way back! Hey I wonder if a polar bear has nicked off with a certain Atlas Pass surely bound for Alaska… @zsigmond I’m in too, +1 here with sheralmyst! Let’s go! Haha :new_moon_with_face::vampire::bear::paw_prints: